How to stay fit in Ramdhan

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We know the purpose of Ramadhan isn’t to become fit and is more to connect with God and be spiritual but why can’t we have some added perks. Ramdhan is the perfect time to detox your body and get it on the right track. It is your chance to bring healthiness into your life and make it a lifestyle. We always think about this but never take the step

Losing Weight in Ramdhan

Cut out the fried stuff

When we think of Ramdhan it is all about the fried stuff. The samosa, pakora, kebab and chaat. This luxurious meal every day is the iftar we are sold. But does that really have to be what we eat? After starving all day if you eat just dinner you get full fast so why only eat fried things. You don’t need to cut out everything just have a normal dinner with a side of fried food. I rotate between pakora, kebab, and fries.

Honestly, just dinner also feels good after not eating all day.


You don’t have to do the exercise that you would do on a normal day since you are dehydrated and starving. But 15 minutes before Iftar might get you the burn you are looking for. There are workouts on Youtube that are exactly that amount.

If you have enough time after Iftari to work out you can do that as well. On the weekends you can play a sport at night to get into that Ramdhan spirit.

Want to make exercise your life style?

Egg for Sehri

Skip on a heavy Sehri. Have a date and some eggs with bread. Dates or bananas give you that energy boost for the day. Once you survive the first few days of Ramadan then the food will stop mattering as much.
I like to have a sunny side up with brown bread.


Ramdhan makes you realize how much you need water. Focus on the water instead of the food. Get as many glasses as you can.

Wrap Up

The hard work that you go through in Ramdhan keep it up afterwards and that is how you really get fit. Use it to make intermittent fasting part of your life. Your appetite decreases in Ramadhan as you are eating less food and keep that up beyond. Getting fit isn’t just a one-month deal it is about making a lifestyle and Ramdhan is just the write starter pack for that.
In the first few days of Ramdhan, you feel headaches and dizziness as your body detoxes. Your body cleanses itself and your organs become clean.


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