How to stay productive while working from home


Working from home can lead to low productivity as we get distracted by things, don’t have a structure and feel unmotivated. We have all been through that and rest assured there is a way out. You just need a routine to add at the beginning of the day to make yourself more productive. This list will help you keep you motivated during your workday. You will be able to get those assignments, cases, emails and projects you have been putting off.

Wake up an hour before work 

If you wake up just 5 minutes before work you will end up wasting time in the first hour of your work. Instead wake up 1 to half an hour before work and do a morning routine. This can include showering, brushing teeth, moisturizing, drinking a hot drink and stretching. Any routine you like if you want some ideas check out my blog on morning routine. 

Make your bed 

Make your bed before the day begins the routine will keep you motivated and when you get into bed at the end of the day you will thank yourself. Who doesn’t love sleeping in a comfy made bed?

Step outside before the day begins and at the end of the day 

To separate your home life from work your life try to step outside before starting your day and ending your day. This way it will feel like you are checking into work and checking out of work. It will help you to not think about work once work is over. We used to check out of work by leaving work and coming to our home but now that isn’t happening we have to step outside.

At the end of the day make a to-do list for the next day 

To do lists help structure your day. If you make one the day before you can work on that the next day. This will add structure to your day. Try to keep one item that makes you feel productive and like you achieved something. Leave room on your to-do list for unexpected items. Have daily to-do lists and monthly to-do lists.

Keep alarms to remind yourself to move around 

Remind yourself to move, walk around or stretch. Your body and mind both need this. It will help with the body pains as you are not meant to sit on a chair for 8 hours straight. It will also help to refresh your mind so you can be more motivated and productive. When we first started working from home my body was hurting but now I have started moving around more often and it really helps. 

Take your lunch break 

Skipping lunch and working through it can tend to happen during work from home. But remind yourself to take a break it doesn’t necessarily need to be for lunch. You can exercise or go for a walk as well. Go with your family member to get some social interaction in for the day.

Keep your work area clutter-free

Keep the area you are in tidy to help you think clearer. Put a motivational quote up for yourself to see and to remind yourself of how great you are. This will motivate you to work harder. Surround yourself with items that improve your mood like a desk plant.

Reminding yourself why you work

Remembering your companies mandate or what they are trying to go can help you feel good about your work hence motivating you. Any line of work at the end of the day somehow is helping the economy and helping people. You are making a difference in the world with whatever you do.

Wrap up

These items will make you feel motivated throughout the day but these are hard times so it is important to remind yourself to cut yourself some slack. You are doing the best you can in these circumstances. Take vacation days when you feel like you a break. Suggest ideas to your employer for virtual events.


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