is he interested in you

How to tell if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly


It can be difficult sometimes to tell whether a guy is interested in you. You feel a spark but not sure if it is reciprocated. Don’t know how to figure it out. No need to worry! We have tips on how you can figure it out! Find out how to tell if a guy is interested in you!

How to tell if a guy is interested in you

Try to flirt with him and see his response

You don’t have to flirt in a very obvious way but even subtle flirting and adding winks can help you understand whether he is interested. You can see the way he responds back and figure it out from there. Now don’t take this as a complete sign you will need to try out some other methods as well to get a better picture.

Looking for ways to keep the conversation going? We got you girl!

Get close to him

How to tell if a guy is interested in you

When you are with him try sitting next to him and while talking get closer. See, whether he flinches or reciprocates. You can even while laughing touch his hand. People touch and talk all the time so it won’t seem too forward. But from the way, he takes that you can see whether he is interested in you.

If you move closer to him on the couch and he moves away that’s an indicator that he might not be interested. But instead, if he moves closer to you there might be something there.

In Psychology, I studied that it is actually the girl who makes the move first. It is a ‘non-verbal move.’ It can be through hand movements or even simple eye contact that lasts for a few seconds. If you look at a guy for a longer time than you look at everyone else he is more likely to come talk to you. Guys pick up on these small indicators so use them!

Is he always the one texting first


You can try to see who starts the conversation. Is it him all the time? Does he start the conversation when you don’t put in the effort? Start noticing in the conversations and it might be a hint to whether he likes you. Now, this isn’t a bulletproof method to find out but it will give you a better idea. Combine it with one of the other suggestions in this blog and you will get an even better idea.

Be Bold

Now those were some subtle ways of finding out if he likes you. But the best way is of course through communication. It is hard to guess what someone is thinking without asking them. So share your feeling and see how he acts.

He might view you as a friend but when you tell him you like him it might lead to something else. You will never know unless you take the step. Get out of your comfort zone and share your feelings. You won’t have to wait and think about what is going on in his head you will know.

Ask him out on a date

Girls don’t have to wait to be asked out on a date. You can be the one to make the first move. Get out there and ask him out! There is a chance he might say no and that is okay. You are brave for wanting to ask and it will save all the time trying to figure out the mystery.

Make a friend your wingman

If asking him out and telling him aren’t your thing you can always ask a friend to find out for you. Do you know anyone that is friends with both of you? Send them on a mission to bring up the conversation in a casual manner. Your friend can help set you up. This is a safe way and people love being matchmakers.

Wrap up for is he interested in you

Take control of your life and find out if he is interested in you. You don’t have to pine about him in the corner through these easy ways you can find out if he actually is interested in you. Stop waiting and take action.


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