How to use colouring to relieve stress?


Adult colouring is a great exercise to focus and de-stress but just colouring can sometimes get boring. So switch it up and make it more interesting by the way you colour and what you colour on. This will increase the number of times you actually spend colouring and make it into a habit.

The reason colouring works as a stress reliever is that you are actively focusing on one task. It is a sort of meditation. It keeps us away from thinking and doing other things. We all need a break from our lives. A little bit of ‘me’ time.

Ways to relieve stress through colouring

Postcards colouring

You can buy a postcard book which you can colour different postcards and send to your friends. The postcards can be for different occasions birthday, congratulations, Christmas or get well. It’s a great way to make a friend happy by showing them that you thought of them. You also get to show off your skills.


Use felt tip pens instead of coloured pencils. Using pencils can get boring as the colours are dull. Use pens instead and make your colouring brighter. If you aren’t a pro colour like me pens work out better and you will appreciate your creation more.

Try different designs

try different signs by making lines, scribbling or using pointillism you don’t need to have every area coloured use designs instead and get creative. You will be surprised how beautiful your colouring will turn out.

Use watercolours

You can get colouring books for watercolor pens as well it’s a great way to make something different.

Wrap up

Try all these ways out and become a daily colourer. I like to colour every day in the morning before my workday starts. Check out my blog on morning routine to learn more.

I have a postcard colouring book which I am using for my Christmas cards. Everyone appreciates the time and effort put into colouring and it adds a spin to the normal boring Christmas card. I can’t wait for all my friends to receive the cards and the smile it will bring to their faces. Since I have a goal it gives me the motivation to colour.


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