How to use Hinge

How to use Hinge to find the perfect match


Hinge as a dating app is probably the best one out there as it lets you make your profile interesting. The likes on Hinge are restricted so people make meaningful matches instead of blindly liking everyone and seeing who matches with them. There is more information that keeps it beyond just looks.

You get to see who liked you one at a time. Once you say no to one person you can see the next person who liked you. Someone can also give you a rose. You only get one rose a week so use it wisely. If you like someone back that has liked you then you can start a conversation. You can either leave it to them to talk first or you can say something.

You can also like people and they would be able to see it. If they like you back then they can match and either make you talk or say something themselves. Those are the basics on how to use hinge.

How to Use Hinge

Making your profile

When creating your profile use Hinge’s prompts to add to your photo for example Hinge has a prompt of where is this photo taken. That can make it easier for people to respond by guessing the answers.

Have other things on your profile that get people curious. I have two truths and a lie on my profile. This makes it easier for people to start a conversation as they have to just guess an answer. You can get some banter going when they pick the right or wrong answer. This keeps the conversation away from being the old boring Hey and How are You.

If you have been getting likes on a certain picture and it’s not your first one you should consider making it your first one. It means that it is the most liked one so get that noticed first.

Make sure you have a variety of pictures so other people can get a better understanding of who you are as a person.

Liking other people

Check out the people that like your profile but also like other people’s profiles. Don’t just wait for people to come to you get noticed by liking other people’s profiles. This will increase your matches and you will be surprised how many people will like you back.

Look at their profile

On Hinge, you get a lot of information about people so you can use that to make jokes and conversation. If someone has been to a place you have been to or want to go then comment on it. Comment on their two truths a lie. If their profession is there ask about it. Noticing someone’s profile and making personalized banter goes a long way. You will be noticed over the person making boring conversation. So if you run out of things to say go on their profile and find something.

Meet them

Conversation online even on an interactive app like Hinge can get boring so fast. So don’t let that happen and plan a date after the first few days of the meeting. You want to meet the person fast because they might be completely different in real life. I met a guy and he was so chatty on messaging I thought he would be so talkative when I met him. Went on the date it was pin-drop silence. I was the one asking all the questions and making conversation. At points, he wouldn’t even ask me how about you. So, definitely instead of spending all that time getting to know the person go on a date that’s when you actually get to know a person.

You don’t want to have all the conversation on messaging and then have nothing to ask each other on the date.

Ask what you are looking for

People get scared of asking ‘what are you looking for’ question before meeting but if you are looking for something serious you don’t want to end up on a date with someone just looking for a hookup. So prior to the date ask that question and get it out the way.

Keep putting in the effort

Your first date might not be the one but that doesn’t mean you should give up. It takes time you will have to keep at it and keep trying and then you will find your perfect match. It can be disappointing when you put in all that effort and meet someone where it is so meh. But just know the right person for you is out there you just need to find them.


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