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How to use the thought ladder to change your thinking


When we think about changing our thoughts we immediately think about how can we go from thinking this negative thought to having positive thought. It might not be as simple and unrealistic to switch our brains so easily that is where the thought ladder comes in.

The thought ladder basically creates small steps for you to go from a negative thought to positive thought. These steps make it more realistic for your mind to accept and move on to the next step. For example, if you have a thought that you are wasting your life and you are telling your brain my life is great. Your mind is going to be like really? Can I believe that I was just thinking my life is useless two seconds okay?

So let’s make the end goal that you want to think your life is great. Instead, you can think something like I am feeling overwhelmed right now and that is okay. Then you can move on to am I am exactly where I am supposed to be. These are neutral thoughts then you can slowly build on that and reach the positive thought.

Using another example let’s try it with feeling gross about my body. I hate my body. You can’t go from feeling I hate my body to my body is beautiful in a second. Instead try to go from my body is beautiful to I am okay with my body changing. Then move to a slightly positive thought and then a more positive thought.

This tool can change the way you think completely. Your brain can make great leaps but it needs to do them with small steps. Once, you add this to your life you will be looking back in a year with a completely different perspective.

So last’s start today with making a ladder. On the bottom put one negative thought and on the top one positive thought that will be your goal. Slowly every day write down thoughts that are becoming more positive. You will be feeling and accepting each thought.

Are you ready to change your life with the thought ladder?

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