Ways to Improve your dating life this year


Finding the right person takes time and it is always tough to navigate the dating world. Here are some ways to up your dating life and improve the process.

dating life

Dating Life improvement Ideas

Appreciate the dating experience 

Don’t take the experience as a chore where you are trying to save time. Enjoy the experience of dating. You are getting to meet new people and through the journey of dating, you are learning more about yourself.

 You can go to your favourite restaurant on a date or try a new experience. Use the date to enjoy yourself instead of taking it as let me give that person 15 minutes of my time and if they don’t meet my list I will cut them off. 

Really, you are that busy that you only have 15 minutes for someone in your day? You probably spend more than 30 minutes scrolling on social media every day. Finding the right person takes time so be willing to invest time into your dating life.

Dating is learning experiences. Every time it doesn’t work out you are learning what works for you and what doesn’t. It is getting you one step closer to your soul mate!

Cut out the people you know won’t work

Do you have people that you message when you are lonely in the middle of the night? You know it is not going anywhere but you just have that. Cut those people out. Those are the people that are keeping you down. You are in a vicious cycle where you already know the result. Cut your losses and focus on letting new people in your life.

Forget the checklist 

Yeah, there are some deal breakers that you should have that you can’t comprise on because you think they will create issues later. But you can not have a list of what your perfect man will look like. 

In the dating game, you have to go in with an open mind see the person in front of you for who they are. This is a human being you want to match with not an item at a store you are going to buy so don’t be quick to judge.

Keep all your avenues open for dating

Don’t just use one source for dating be open to all avenues. This means being open to online dating, speed dating, having your friend or family member set you up or meeting someone at a bar. This will increase your chances of meeting the right person.

Visualize your best self

Dating can be a blow to your self esteem every time something doesn’t work out. We have to realize that someone not being with us is not a reflection of us. It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with us, it was just not meant to be. Go into each dating situation knowing that you are perfect the way you are! You are great. Do power poses before dates to build your confidence(instead of being hunched up sit with your arms and legs open before the date).  Look and the mirror and let yourself know how great you are.  

No your boundaries and say no

say no
learn to say no

Don’t want to meet someone on the first day of talking? You went on a date and didn’t feel comfortable going to his house after? Feel comfortable to say no. If a guy is going to judge you for saying no to these things he is not worth your time. If you want to date someone they need to be able to respect your boundaries. 

Take a break from dating life

If dating has become too overwhelming for you and emotionally draining take a break. Reduce that pressure on yourself and give yourself time to rejuvenate. You will go back into the game better than before. 

Wrap Up

Everyone has their own style of dating and what works for them. So, don’t feel pressured by looking at others go at your own pace.

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