Is kickboxing a good workout to start doing?


I have been kickboxing for around 3 years now. Before I started learning to kickbox I wondered ‘is kickboxing a good workout?’ 

I am here to tell you from my experience the benefits of kickboxing so you can decide for yourself if kickboxing is a good workout.

Is kickboxing a good work out

It is a full-body workout

While kickboxing you aren’t only using one muscle you are using everything. When you do punches like crosses, hooks, and upper you need to use power from your hips. This requires engaging your core as well throughout the workout. Kickboxing doesn’t only involve punches it has a lot of types of kicks some of there are front kick, roundhouse kicks, and sidekicks. 

The shape of my body completely changed within 3 months of kickboxing. My arms were so toned, my core felt better and my back looked fantastic. Kickboxing targets Quadriceps, Glutes, Calf muscles, Deltoids (Shoulders), Triceps (Arms), and Abdominals (Abs)

The Calorie burn is real

Kickboxing is a high-energy cardio workout. If you put all your energy into the one-hour workout I am talking around a 600 -1000 calorie burn. I used to go to a workout class and use the calorie counter machine while working out and roughly most people estimated at 500-600 in a 45-minute class.

It is so fun you might not feel you are working out

I love it when I find a workout that doesn’t feel like a working out or a task. When I kickbox I have a smile on my face because I am enjoying it that much. Sometimes I pause and think this is what joy is. The time seriously flies and you can do 45 minutes easily. 

You can switch it up

You don’t only need to kickbox when doing a cardio kickboxing workout. I find videos that incorporate abs, leg, HIIT, and Tabata. The workout includes squats, jumping jacks, burpees, etc. So it has the normal things a work out class has but it makes it more fun by focusing on kickboxing 

You don’t need a bag

You don’t need to have a punching bag or a bob at hope to kickbox. You can do shadow kickboxing. There are lots of shadow kickboxing youtube videos. You can carry weights during the workout to make it more challenging. My favourite shadow boxing is the PopSugar workouts.


You are learning self-defense 

Kickboxing might be a workout for you but you are also learning how to protect yourself. It never hurts to know how to defend yourself when the time comes. So perfect those punches and kicks you never know when you might need them.

Stress reliever

After a hectic day at work, you want to unwind. TV shows might have told you a glass of wine will help you but the real answer is doing a stress-relieving workout. And that is exactly what kickboxing is. In each punch, you can take out the stress of the day. Kickboxing gives me a real dopamine rush. After the exercise, I feel so energized ready to take on the world.

When punching you have to learn how to breathe which also allows you to release stress. Focusing on breathwork will help you in every part of your life.

Posture improvement 

With working from home we are slouching half the day. With kickboxing, you will engage your core and be on your feet which will improve your posture


Through the workout, your mind has to be engaged. There are complex combos that you have to follow which makes you use your brain and learn coordination.

My favourite online kickboxing 

In the pandemic, I have gone from going to my kickboxing studio to following someone online. My recommendation is Intensity X3 they have a variety of workouts so you can do a different one every day.


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