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Is roller skating good exercise?


With the pandemic, we all have had to find different fun ways to work out as the gyms are closed. With warm weather hitting us we need a reason to be outside so why not find a workout that is outside. Have you seen the recent increase in people roller skating and rollerblading and have you been looking for the answer to is roller skating good exercise?

Well, I am here to tell you it is a great exercise. I started roller skating a month ago. I used to skate as a child but in the last 20 years, I have not skated. But in the pandemic, I wanted to try something new and I wanted a fun workout.

Is roller skating good exercise?

The burn is real

The first day I skated my calves were on fire. I always heard during gym class and workouts people talking about calves and thighs being on fire and I never understood what they meant until I started skating. Because the calves muscle required for skating isn’t something we use in our daily life it helps workout that. The first 3 days my calves burned but now that I am getting used to it I don’t feel the workout until I am done.

After half an hour is done and I take off my skates I realize I have been sweating and I am tired. Imagine a workout that you don’t even realize you are using your energy. That is what roller skating is.

The other benefit is  that skating is gentle on your knees unlike running.

I am so happy gliding away and moving around that it doesn’t even feel like exercise.

It is a complete body workout

If you are looking to work out your glutes roller skating is great for that. People who roller skate have great butts. In addition because of the way you skate you keep your core engaged and to balance you use other muscles like your arms and back.

The calorie burn is great

I have done my research and it is estimated you can lose around 600 calories with an hour of skating.

Skating is super fun and you can try out different techniques that are amazing . There are YouTube videos that teach you how to skate for beginners.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

I first practiced in my garage and then went outside into the real world. If you are going to practice in your garage make sure everything is clean as you can trip on a rock. After a day or two in the garage move onto a parking lot. The parking lot is smoother than the normal road. It is better than the sidewalks because the sidewalks have holes usually. I like parking lots, school grounds, or parks that have empty spaces to skate.

Protect yourself

It is important to buy kneepads, wrist guards, and elbow pads. Having the pads made me way more confident and less afraid to fall.

You will fall and that is okay

You have to be ready to fall and realize that you will get better. Roller skating was great for my mindset. I tried skating to the end of the street and I fell right at the end. But I spoke to myself and told myself I can’t give up and need to have a growth mindset with effort and practice I can learn. I got off my butt and roller-skated right back. Be prepared to fall and be ready to get right back up and skate away.

The first day my brother laughed at my steps and now he is impressed at the way I am gliding away. So the day will come for you as well!

So what is stopping you? Buy your roller skates now! I bought mine on Amazon for $100. I bought a random brand but I have heard Impala skates are great!


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