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Is squid game worth watching?

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Squid game is Netflix’s Korean drama and was the highest performing launch. There were over 111 million viewers in 90 countries across the world. Now just because everyone started watching it doesn’t mean they continued so let’s see whether the series is really worth the hype.

Is Squid Game worth watching – Our unfiltered truth

When I saw the first episode I was like I don’t get the hype but as I saw more I understood what was keeping people addicted. The episodes ending with cliffhangers and how different the show was from normal TV made it interesting.

Squid Game is about hundreds of debt-driven Koreans who are on the verge of bankruptcy and selling their organs. These individuals’ lives are so difficult that they might be willing to do the unexpected. Watch the Squid game and find out what all they are willing to do. As you can tell by the title there are some games involved. Particularly Korean children’s games but there is an added twist. There will be some that you have probably played as a child as well.

Watch out as the show is quite gruesome. There is a lot of blood and killing so even though it’s about kid’s games don’t make your children watch it as it can scar them. For adults though this is a much-watch. It does not disappoint. It does take a bit getting used to as you might be like WTH is going on. But once that settles down you won’t be able to stop. If you start watching it at night you will end up staying awake.

The actors in it might not be famous in Hollywood but it’s still being watched because it is good. This shows people are willing to watch new actors that perform well.

This isn’t like Tiger King that people were watching because it was the midst of the pandemic. People are giving up their fun outdoor time to watch this so you know it’s good.

Wrap Up for Is Squid game worth watching

My tip is if you plan to watch squid game then don’t read all the memes online as they are spoilers. And honestly, if you haven’t watched the Squid Game you won’t understand half the memes online as they are mostly related to the Squid Game. Talking about Squid Game has become part of the normal conversation so keep up and watch the games.

The show is in Korean so either you will have to read subtitles or watch it dubbed. Watching it dubbed is not that bad. I know people hate when things are dubbed but it is doable especially for the first episode because reading subtitles is a commitment.

So are you going to join the Squid Game trend? We are sure everyone is going to try dressing up as a member of the Squid game for Halloween. We have easy costume ideas to help you join everyone else!

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