Why Journal writing is the best self care?


You have probably seen people carrying around their journals and writing furiously. Ever thought, why they are doing this and if you should start?

I am going to explain to you, the reasons journal writing can benefit you:

Suppressed thoughts

Sometimes we have thoughts that keep racing in our minds. The same thoughts again and again and we try to stop thinking about it. But the more we try to stop thinking about it, the stronger the thought gets.

This is referred to as the ‘White bear problem’ by psychologists. We deliberately attempt to suppress certain thoughts which makes them more likely to appear. When we actively try not to think about a white bear we actually start to imagine one. So if you thought you were the only one facing this problem, rest assured we all face it.

So to stop thinking about something, we need to stop suppressing that thought.

This happens when we break up with someone. We try so hard to suppress the thought, that we end up thinking more about that person.

It is better to deal with our emotions than to just let them build up. Because what happens when we build up emotions is, it erupts one day and all comes out. So don’t wait for that moment and take care of the matter now.

Release thoughts

The easiest way to stop suppressing something is to write about it in your journal. Let your words flow, bring your thoughts to paper. This will let you vent and express your feelings. It will lift a burden off your shoulder.

Journal writing is a good activity to add to your night time routine. Even just 5 minutes every day can go a long way. Start small and increase the time. Take it one day at a time.

You can write about anything you are feeling. For me, blogging is a way of journaling and making memories for myself. I write about things I have thought about it in the day.

Today I discussed journal writing with my friends and so it became a topic for my blog. It is what was on my mind.


They brought up how you learn a lot by going over your previous journal writings. How what you thought was such a huge issue now seems trivial. It makes you realize how much you have grown as a person.

Safe Space

So keep your writings in a safe place so future you can learn from them.


Imagine if you could read your childhood diary right now. How fun would that be? Those cringe-worthy moments all in a book.

Wrap Up

By journaling today that is what you are doing for yourself putting all those moments together. The good, the bad and the ugly.

You are also doing a favour for your current self because you are giving yourself a safe place to let your feelings out. A judgment-free zone just for yourself. Everyone deserves that sort of self-care!

Another form of journaling is a gratitude journal if that interests you check out my blog.


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