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Dealing with living with parents during pandemic


A lot of people have moved back in with their parents in the pandemic. This can be for multiple reasons. The most common reasons are financial or because they wanted to be with family during these hard times. For me, I moved back because the only reason I moved out was the commute to work was very far from my parent’s place. Making this decision to move back has been tough because once you get the feel of living alone moving back in can take some adjustments. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its benefits. However, to help you adjust we will discuss living with parents during pandemic.

I have my loved ones close to me when we are being isolated. I am not alone and have a social bubble that I can go to places with. My family has become way closer in the pandemic. We eat dinner together and watch TV together. This doesn’t mean that sometimes it doesn’t get tough. Spending so much time with the same people gets unhealthy and that is why it is important to set boundaries. Here are some tips for living with parents during pandemic.

How to handle living with parents during Pandemic

Have your own space

Don’t set your office up in the middle of the house where you can hear your dad watching CNN and talking on the phone all day. You will also be able to hear your mom cooking if it is like my house. Have your own area where there is peace in quiet. For me, that is the basement whenever I need my own time or have an important work call I am in the basement.

Go for walks

You can’t be in the house with the same people all day. Before I would go for walks with my family but I realized I need some me times and walks sometimes need to be alone. Even getting coffee doesn’t have to be a family adventure it can be your solo adventure.

Get fresh air

The porch is my place when the sun is out and bright. I sit there and soak in the sun and journal. This gives me some much needed me time. Which you need plenty of when living with a bunch of people.

Have shared TV time and alone TV time

My family bonds over the TV but that doesn’t mean I have to watch all my TV shows with my parents. I go and watch some TV in my room away from everyone as that gives me some space from everyone and well it gets annoying when you are a binge-watcher and you have to wait with everyone. I leave the good shows to watch with my family but other shows I watch on my own.

Set boundaries

Now when you were a kid your dad might have read your journal or gone through your room. But that is not the normal thing to do to an adult. So talk it out with your parents and set your boundaries. Make it clear what you might think is a personal thing might not be personal to him. For example, checking the mail you might think it is obvious that mail should be checked by the person who it is for but your old school dad might not have the same opinion. So talk it out.

Walking away or breathing in

There will be fights. There is no way that there will no be fights. But it is about handling the fights. When something makes you angry touch your belly and breathe in. That anger feeling might last 90 seconds but what you say in those seconds might hurt your family members. If you can’t handle your anger in the moment walk away and then come back and communicate.

Pick up a hobby

Doing things for yourself during this time can be very helpful. I have picked up roller skating. Yeah, it is a pretty old school thing but learning how to skate again has been challenging but super fun. I am excited for when I can skate around my neighborhood without falling. What has been your pandemic hobby? If you don’t have one find one. It can be something small and It can change during the pandemic.

Appreciate your parents

Yeah, it has probably been tough during the pandemic with your parents. However, you have probably had some great moments as well. I have loved cooking with my mom and learning new recipes. Binge-watching TV shows with my dad. Now that spring is here I am excited to garden with him. The money I have been saving in the pandemic has been great and maybe I’ll be able to buy my own place with it someday. Think of 3 small moments you have enjoyed with your parents this pandemic.


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