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We are all wondering 2 years later are we really here again? Yesterday was a day where we all really felt the Monday Blues as Ontario shifted back into lockdown mode. We had gotten used to seeing our friends, hitting the gym, and going to restaurants. Having moved past that stage of lockdown hobbies it seems we are back at that stage. Once we take in the information, cry a little about the state in we then we have to accept the new normal which is lockdown again. At first, it can be a lot to take in but lockdown doesn’t have to be all that bad. We have the hobbies we developed last year and we can use those and have a fun time again. It is difficult since our patience is at its last brink but we are strong and we can get through this together with some lockdown hobby ideas.

There are a few things I learned from the last lockdown that I won’t be repeating again.

I am not going into wearing sweat mode

Going into wearing sweats mode and loose clothing meant I gained 10 kg. That is something I am not doing again. Even if I have to sit at home I am wearing my jeans and dressing up sometimes to keep my moods uplifted. A little lipstick can go a long way in changing how you feel.

Prioritizing my workout

Gyms have closed again! Just when I started my monthly membership in full swing. It is okay though we learned how to work out at home and we can do it again. Just remember to prioritize the workout and put in the effort. The problem with home workouts for me was I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough. I now know that so if the video I am following isn’t at my level and too easy I challenge myself. The instructor might not be there to set me straight but I know I can do that for myself.

Invest in equipment if you haven’t. It is a lifesaver. I bought myself a punching bag and there have literally been no regrets since I bought it. Even when I wasn’t in lockdown it helped to have a punching bag at home as it increased the number of times I worked out.

If you are looking for ways to make your workout more fun or what videos to watch for a home workout we got you!

Getting lockdown hobby ideas again

Before the pandemic, if someone had asked me what my hobbies were I would have said Netflix count? But now I have a bunch of hobbies that can be done at home that I would like to share so you can have some lockdown hobby ideas.


hobbies lockdown

Buy a colouring book and every day colour a page. I bought a postcard colouring book and in the end, my achievement was sending my friends and family a postcard. If you haven’t tried it I am telling you it is super fun. You might not stick to it after a month but it was very enjoyable while I was doing it.


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This is the time to develop the skills you have been wanting to learn. There are so many easy different painting ideas on Youtube where people are willing to teach you. Buy a Canvas from Dollar Rama and some paints. I tried the knitting painting trend. It wasn’t something I would do every day but for a one-time try, it was fun.


Lockdown means you are at home and can make yourself some fresh meals. We have a great Thai Red Curry recipe that is easy to make and will get your mouth watering. If you make a meal a day you can make cooking a habit. Imagine the amount of money you will save if you stop ordering out. It is a healthy option as well.

I am guilty of following the air fryer trend and that is my plan for this lockdown. What dishes can I make in the air fryer? Honestly, chicken tastes juicier in the air fryer.


lockdown hobby ideas

I would have probably not gotten into blogging if it wasn’t for the pandemic. It gave me the push I needed. Interested in starting? At Pigeontalk we allow you to post your blogs on our site. We want to hear from you! This can be your perfect chance to try out blogging.

Ice Skating

It is cold outside! Hit up an ice skating rink next to you or go skiing. This is the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. If you are outside you can hang out with 10 people! If you haven’t tried skiing before this might be the time.


Hit up a hill and come speeding down. Ah, what fun winter can be! You just have to make the most of it. Make those snow angels, snowmen, or go tubing. We are in a crappy situation with the lockdown but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun!


If outdoor activities are not your thing that is okay! Cozy up with a crossword, word puzzle, or sudoku. You can make it more fun by competing with your family members. It gets your brain working better as well.

Binge watch some TV

I was isolating for a bit and well I went back to my old hobby of binge-watching Netflix. Some shows I would recommend at this time are Emily in Paris (oh those guys are good-looking and have great fashion sense). 20 something Austin will make you miss your 20s. Selling Tampa isn’t as good as Selling Sunset but you make do with what you have. I personally loved the Unorthodox Life (as you can tell I am a fan of reality tv).

Dance it out

I realized recently that I love dancing. Because I am not great at it I shy away from it but that is why lockdown is perfect as I can dance on my own and maybe even make a TikTok video. The dance I want to learn is Bijli Bijli. What reels or Tiktoks have you been watching and want to try out?

Dancing is so fun and any sort of workout uplifts the mood. It was the best way to get me out of the lockdown funk.

Clean you room

I had been hoarding clothes for a lifetime but it became especially bad since I gained weight and well it has been 3 years since I could wear most of my closet. I accepted my new weight and moved from small to medium but I hadn’t accepted I might not go back to small and was keeping those clothes. Proudly I can now say I have accepted my new shape I might aim to become fitter but I can buy new clothes I don’t need to wait another 2 years with all these outfits lying on the ground making me feel bad. Seeing other people wear my clothes made me happy. So instead of throwing your clothes away give them to someone! That way you don’t have to feel bad about having bought them in the first place.

My mission for this lockdown is going to be cle aning my room and getting rid of that extra junk. If I haven’t used it in the last 3 years I need to get rid of you is going to be my rule.


lockdown hobby ideas for you

Something I have always wanted to learn is contouring. So that is what I am going to try this lockdown. What is a beauty technique you want to try?

Take a Course

I think I would have not been able to cope with the last year as well if I hadn’t taken an online course. You get to meet new people and learn a new skills. It really changed things for me and how I view life. I would highly recommend taking a course you are interested in. Choose one that is interactive. I recommend Life Skills Coaching at Georgebrown.

Comment below and let us know your lockdown hobby ideas are.


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