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Long-distance Date ideas to Add Spark into Your Love Life


Being far away from the person you love is extremely hard. Let us help you add some spice to your love life. You can keep the spark alive with cute long-distance date ideas.

Pandemic and long-distance date ideas

The pandemic has deceased our travel and some of us haven’t seen our partners for very long. This can cause a strain in the relationship. Therefore putting in effort on virtual dates is important.

First, let’s start with some long-distance tips

Tips for Long-distance date ideas

Time zones

Your phone has a world clock. If your partner lives in another time zone add their time zone to your world clock for easy access to the time they are at. If you are like me and don’t like calculating the difference this makes it easy

Send them tokens of your love to add to the long-distance date ideas

Send postcards. I love sending postcards with detailed information in the back. If it has some personal information put it in an envelope. Send cards as well. You don’t need an occasion.

Don’t want to spend on postage? You can prewrite the letters for them to open. You can give one for every month of occasion.

Sending care packages or any small gift can make them feel special. They will know you are thinking of them. You can open the presents together and make it a date.

Now that we have covered some tips let’s get to the long-distance date ideas

Long-distance date ideas to try

Play games as long distance date ideas

Virtual games are super fun and there are so many available now that we are in lockdown. Play Among us with a group of strangers. Or plan a night of Pictionary. You can use apps like Skribbl that give you words and allow you to draw. Any game that you can play in person now is probably available online. This can include doing the same word searches together and seeing who finishes together.

Paint together

Plan a paint night together. Watch the same Youtube video and follow along. You will have to buy paint and canvas beforehand.

Send each other meals

You can order Ubereats for your partner even if they are far away from you. You can even order from a chain that is available in both your cities. How cute would it be eating the same meal but far apart?

The other option is surprising each other with different meals. You can pick what your partner gets.

Drinking games

There are dating questions games that you can play. Whoever doesn’t give a good answer has to drink. You can have a partying night out at home.

Take them to the park

You don’t have to have the date at home video calls can happen anywhere. Why not give your loved one a tour of your neighborhood. End it with a picnic at the park. You both can be out and about together. Walking at the same time and being at the park at the same time is super cute.

Fashion show

You can show your partner all the new clothes you bought. Do a catwalk and make it a whole show. They can help you decide what to keep and what not to keep.

Workout together

Plan workouts together and then watch each other. You can keep each other accountable. Pick a Youtube video that both of you can follow. Or one of you can take the lead and the other can follow.


Do you love reading? You can start a book club with your partner. Read a chapter to each other before going to bed.

Watch tv together

You can watch the same show at the same time together on video chat. Hearing your partner laugh can make it feel like you are together.

Quiz up

There are interesting quizzes online regarding attachment styles and love languages that you can take at the same time and discuss.

Cook together

You can share recipes and cook together. Make the same dish and eat it virtually. You can see who ends up making a better dish. If one of you is a better cook they can lead the way and teach the other person.

Take a course together

Learning something together and discussing it is a way to keep your mind fresh as well as the relationship. It can be like learning a language you both are interested in.

If you are doing long distance because of university then you can discuss interesting things you learned at school. Share your knowledge.

Plan meeting again

Plan what you will do when you meet and travels together. Try to plan trips to meet each other whenever possible because virtual dates are great but they can’t replace real-life meetings.

Dance together

Put on the same music and dance it out. Bust a move on video. Can’t just dance like that? Put on a Youtube video and follow it.

Wrap up for long-distance date ideas

The important thing to remember for long-distance dating is to make time for your loved one. Have a designed long-distance date night. It doesn’t have to be something creative every week even just chilling and video chatting can be all you need. Sundays are always a good day to spend together virtually.


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