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Markham Date Ideas That You Will Love


Dating in Markham can be tough and going downtown to date is a struggle. But there are spots that would make the perfect dates. There are plenty of restaurants in Markham and the nightlife has been bustling in Covid. So, don’t fret there are good Markham date ideas.

Even on a Wednesday night, it is hard to get reservations. So, for date night remember to make reservations in advance. You don’t want to spend most of the date in line as that can be exhausting.

Let’s get straight to the Markham date ideas for you to enjoy.

Markham Date Ideas:

Richmond Green Ice skating

Richmond green skate trail is a place you can go ice skating. How romantic would a date on a skating rink be? Make it come true now!

When the ice skating goes away in the summer there is still the beautiful park. People have weddings here so you can imagine how beautiful it is. It certainly has nice flowers to see. So take a walk with your date and get to know each other better. You can pick up a bubble tea from Chatime before you head over.

Main Street Unionville

The main street Unionville is my favourite date spot. You can start by picking up bubble tea at The Alley that is the beginning of the strip. You can chill at one of the gazebos. A fun fact about main street Unionville is that it is where Gilmore Girls is shot. Then you can move along the street stopping at places playing music. You can check out the Firehall confectionary and get some ice cream or even just go in and scope it out. For winter purposes they do make some dope hot chocolate bombs.

Then after you are done with walking on the main street Unionville strip you can head to ToGood Pond and walk across the bridge. There is a gazebo on the other side with a bench where you can sit and enjoy the sunset. On the way, there are lots of romantic spots so pick away. Main street Unionville has the right vibe for the perfect date. If your date hasn’t been to Mainstreet Unionville this is your day to be the tourist.

There are even so many patios that you can stop it and enjoy a drink or a meal. Even in winter you can have a nice walk in the park and visits restaurants. They even at times keep their lights on for all of Winter!

Indulge in some sweets at the Old Firehall Confectionery: Treat yourself and your partner to some delicious sweets at the Old Firehall Confectionery. With its quaint atmosphere and delectable treats, it’s the perfect spot for a romantic dessert date.

Cineplex Cinemas Markham and VIP

You can watch a movie at this cinema since now they are open. VIP makes the experience all the better. Movie dates are always fun and they give you things to talk about after and an excuse to get cozy. Going to the cinema means holding hands and getting an opportunity to put your arm around the other person.


fun date ideas markham

Going bowling is such a fun date. You can have drinks and bowl away. It’s the perfect combo of conversation and an activity. You can play the game slower and enjoy the time. Doing an activity is a learning opportunity. You can learn about how competitive your partner is. I like to go to World Bowl they play music on certain days at night and have a discount on some weekdays. It isn’t exactly in Markham it is in Richmond Hill but close enough.

There is also an arcade you can play it. Nothing spices up a relationship like some friendly competition so get out there and play some games.

Pro tip: get some fries they are amazing

Imagine Cinema

Have the VIP experience with the seating in Imagine Cinema. It is different than a normal cinema and fun to go to for a one-time thing. If you aren’t interested in that then go to Cineplex in Markham downtown.

The one movie you can go watch right now at Cineplex is Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


Right next to Markville there is a Joeys with a nice patio outside. Make a reservation and head on over whether it is for drinks or food Joeys has it all. The restaurant has a nice vibe!

I like the Salmon Bowl and the sushi cones.


Hit up East Beaver Creek and welcome to restaurant heaven. Now once again this is Richmond Hill but close enough to Markham. There are other restaurants like Marlowe that you can reach. Ideally, go bowling and then dinner. Don’t forget to make a reservation as it gets busy.

Try the white chocolate brownie for dessert, the small size. You are sure to come back for it.

East Beaver Creek has so many places to go too and is quite lively in Covid. Want to listen to some music Marlowe might be your best bet in that case.

Treetop Trekking

Looking for adventure? Try treetop trekking. They even have a ziplining thing to end it off. It is always fun to try something new on a date. The thrill accelerates the feeling so doing something like treetop trekking is perfect for a date. Dates are the best time to try something new and thrilling.

Saigeon Trail

Hiking especially in the fall is a great date. You can roam around, see the colours change, and feel cool. One of the best Richmond trails. Another one is the Forest therapy trail in Markham.

Lake Wilcox

Again a Richmond Hill activity but close enough to Markham to go there. Lake views are the best date. Set up a picnic at Lake Wilcox and enjoy. You can complete a bond lake hike as well. They have a board walk that is sure to make anyone get those romantic feels while walking on it. Even in the winter when it is a little frozen it can be a nice walk. There are people skating on the lake at items but I wouldn’t advise it as you can fall in!

You can start your date in one of the trails next to Lake Wilcox. Parking can cost if you park at Lake Wilcox if you aren’t from Richmond Hill. Walk on Sunset Drive and see some beautiful houses. In Markham everything looks the same so seeing different cute houses (and dream about your own) is always fun. Walk across Sunset Beach Rd just for this. You can get peeps of the water as you walk. Stop at one of the quieter viewings of the lake and take a break. Then keep going to Lake Wilcox and walk on the board walk. Next to Lake Wilcox there is also a skate boarding park that has an adult gym. You can sit here and people watch as there is a hustle and bustle.

Try Out Some New Food

Markham is Asian food heaven so try something new. Go for Korean Bbq at Chako or Deer Garden for some Laksa. What Asian food are you craving? Hit it up!


Markham is full of parks and community centres so why not try and go to one and play a sport. This could be something different for you and your date. Find the nearest park with a Tennis court and have a fun game together.

Angus Glen Driving Range

There are benefits of living in Markham and one of them are the amount of golf courses you have around. You and your date should hit up the driving range and get some golfing practice. The Driving range for a date idea is super chill yet exciting. You can teach your date how to hit the ball.

Have dinner at their hidden patio after!

Apple picking

Fall is back and that means apple picking, pumpkin patches, corn mazes and apple cider. Go to a farm and enjoy your date. This might not be something your date has done so it can be a fun experience. You can make a apple pie together once you have picked all the apples. I love fall and then fun farm activities it brings upon us. Markham has fruit picking for most seasons except of course winter. Applewood farm is pretty good for apple picking.

Hub Climbing Markham – Rock climbing

Be a little adventurous and try something new for a date and go rock climbings. Wouldn’t suggest it for a first date as it would be hard to talk during it but otherwise this a fun activity for a date. It is even more fun if you both haven’t tried it before.

If you are not restricted to Markham we have date ideas in Toronto that you will love!

Drive in Theatre

Not exactly Markham but close by visit the Drive in Theatre and get some 80s feel. Buy some food and chill and watch the movie in the car. It might not be something you want to do all the time but checking it out for a one time experience is definitely worth it.

Halloween Haunted Houses

Halloween Scream Park might be the ideal date you are looking for! it looks super scary and real. What better way to connect then over your deepest fears. Check their website out.

Going to a haunted house builds an instant connection because you are both scared and want to hold on to each other.

Golf Wing Virtual Golf & Restaurant

It is getting cold outside which means well you can’t play golf at a course. Why not go to a golf simulator with your date! You can practice your driving range shots and find out your golfing analytics. It can be a fun date competition. Golfing is a popular activity for Markham date ideas.

Reesor’s Farm Market

If you are looking for a pumpkin patch then this is the place. Buy some pumpkins so you can later carve or paint them. This is a great place to get your fall decorations! Nothing says fall date like a pumpkin patch

Varley Art Gallery

Visit the Varley Art Gallery: Take a stroll through the Varley Art Gallery and admire the beautiful works of art. You can even participate in their art classes or workshops if you’re feeling inspired.

The Varley Art Gallery is a beautiful and inspiring space that is dedicated to the works of Frederick Horsman Varley, a member of the Group of Seven, one of Canada’s most famous group of artists. The gallery features a collection of Varley’s paintings, drawings, and sketches, as well as exhibitions of contemporary art from local and international artists. The gallery also offers a variety of art classes and workshops for all skill levels, where you can learn a new skill, meet new people, and create your own unique works of art. With its stunning architecture and beautiful art, the Varley Art Gallery is a must-visit destination for art lovers and anyone looking for a unique and inspiring date idea in Markham.

Milne Dam Conversation Park

Milne Dam Conservation Park is a beautiful and tranquil natural area that offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With its scenic trails, picturesque ponds, and lush greenery, it’s the perfect spot for a leisurely walk or a romantic picnic with your partner. The park also features a variety of wildlife, including ducks, geese, and fish, which you can observe and admire from the various lookout points throughout the park. With its serene and natural setting, Milne Dam Conservation Park offers a great opportunity to connect with your partner, relax and unwind, and enjoy the simple pleasures of nature.

Archery Circuit

Archery Circuit is an exciting and unique activity that combines elements of dodgeball and archery for a one-of-a-kind experience. You and your partner can team up or compete against each other in a thrilling game of archery tag, where you’ll shoot foam-tipped arrows at your opponents while dodging their shots. The game is safe, fun, and suitable for all skill levels, making it a great activity for couples who want to try something new and exciting. The staff at Archery Circuit are friendly and knowledgeable, and will provide all the necessary equipment and instruction to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. With its adrenaline-pumping action and fun competitive spirit, Archery Circuit is a great way to bond with your partner, get your heart pumping, and have a memorable and exciting date.

Markham Museum

The Markham Museum is a fascinating and unique destination that offers a glimpse into the history of Markham and its people. The museum features a variety of exhibits, artifacts, and buildings that showcase the development of the town and the lives of its residents over the past 150 years. You and your partner can take a stroll through the picturesque grounds, visit the historic homes and buildings, and learn about the local history and culture. The museum also offers a variety of interactive exhibits and hands-on activities, such as traditional crafts and demonstrations, which provide a fun and engaging way to learn about the past. With its beautiful setting, rich history, and engaging exhibits, the Markham Museum is a great way to spend a day with your partner and explore the unique heritage of Markham.

I hope our list of Markham date ideas helped you find the perfect place. Comment below and let us know what your favourite Markham date ideas are. Mine is definitely Lake Wilcox in the summers!

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