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What is the best morning routine for you?


Is the winter snow, 5 pm darkness, lockdown and work from home stressing you out? Why not try a morning routine to calm those nerves? Start your day off right and take some time out for yourself. You deserve it!

Starting your day off on the right foot can make a huge difference in how the rest of your day goes. When you have a consistent morning routine, you can set yourself up for success and productivity, and even improve your overall well-being. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the benefits of having a morning routine and provide some tips on how to create one that works for you.

Benefits of a Morning Routine

  1. Reduces Stress: A consistent morning routine can help reduce stress and anxiety levels. When you have a set plan for how you want to start your day, you don’t have to worry about making decisions or rushing to get everything done in a short amount of time.
  2. Boosts Productivity: Starting your day with a clear plan and structure can help you be more productive throughout the day. You can prioritise your tasks and get a head start on your to-do list before any distractions come up. When I lay in bed in the morning and don’t start my routine I end up feeling lazy all day long. The best thing. for me is waking up at the exact time everyday and starting my morning routine.
  3. Improves Mental Clarity: A morning routine can help clear your mind and improve mental clarity. By taking some time for yourself in the morning, you can set a positive tone for the day ahead. Do you feel like you are in a haze in the morning? The morning routine will help you combat that haze.
  4. Sets a Positive Tone for the Day: A consistent morning routine can help set a positive tone for the rest of your day. When you start your day off on the right foot, you’re more likely to carry that positive energy with you throughout the day. That is why they tell you to make your bed the first thing in the morning.

I was the type of person who would keep giving myself 15 minutes more to sleep. I would then just start working as soon as I woke up. The whole day I would feel brain fog and lazy. I wouldn’t even move from my bed. This had become a problem.  I started waking up at a specific time everyday. I now have a hot cup of water in the morning and sit for 15 minutes on my own. That is how my day begins. This might seem like a simple adjustment but it can be life changing. I feel more energy throughout the day.f

Tips for Creating a Routine

  1. Determine Your Goals: Before creating a morning routine, it’s important to determine what your goals are. Do you want to focus on self-care? Exercise? Productivity? Once you have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve, you can tailor your morning routine to support those goals. Write it down! What do you want your morning routine to consist. Put it up somewhere you can see as a reminder.
  2. Plan Ahead: To make your morning routine as seamless as possible, plan ahead. Lay out your clothes, prepare your breakfast, and organize anything you need for the day ahead the night before. This can help reduce stress and save you time in the morning. Is drinking water as soon as you wake up part of your morning routine? Why not keep with a bottle next to you.
  3. Start Small: Creating a morning routine can be overwhelming, so start small. Try waking up 15 minutes earlier and incorporating one or two new habits into your morning routine. Once you’ve established those habits, you can gradually add more. If 15 minutes is to long start with 5 minutes. Ever hard of the 5 minute gratitude journal?
  4. Incorporate Activities You Enjoy: To make your morning routine enjoyable and sustainable, incorporate activities you enjoy. This could be anything from reading a book to doing yoga to enjoying a cup of coffee outside. I like to journal in the morning.
  5. Be Flexible: Remember that life happens, and it’s okay to be flexible with your morning routine. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss a day or two. The most important thing is to establish a consistent routine that works for you and supports your goals.

Sample Morning Routine

If you’re looking for inspiration, here’s an example of a morning routine that incorporates self-care, productivity, and exercise:

  1. Wake up at 6am
  2. Drink a glass of water
  3. Meditate for 10 minutes
  4. Do a 15-minute yoga routine
  5. Take a shower and get dressed
  6. Eat a healthy breakfast
  7. Review your to-do list for the day
  8. Spend 15 minutes journaling
  9. Leave the house by 7:30am

5 things to do every morning when you wake up – the perfect morning routine:

Make a cup of herbal tea

I personally like to mix ¼ teaspoon turmeric powder, a pinch of grounded ginger powder into a cup of hot water. Then squeeze some fresh lemon into your hot drink. If you find the turmeric taste too strong and the lemon isn’t cutting out the taste enough for you add some honey. Be sure to mix the drink properly as it’s hard to mix turmeric powder into hot water. This healer of a drink is sure to get you started on your morning right.

Get some fresh air and sunlight

Take that hot drink and sit on your porch or balcony. The winter sun can be warmer than you think and that morning fresh air will always feel great.

What are you grateful for?

Take out your gratitude journal and write 10 things. 7 can be what you are grateful for from the day before or this morning. 3 can be things you want/wish for but have not achieved yet. Write as if you have already had those wishes come true. Use positive language for example instead of saying ‘I am grateful that my body is not hurting’ write ‘I am grateful for how relaxed my body is feeling.’ See the magic of gratitude work! Rewire your brain!

Stretch or Meditating


Put on either headspace audio (It is also on Netflix), YouTube video or be creative. Taking out just 5 minutes and doing a child pose can really change how you feel throughout the day. Start with a shorter time and build it up. Put on a candle or a diffuser to make the environment even more relaxing.

Colour to destress

Adult colouring books have been the rage for a while now. If you have not tried colouring, it’s a must-do. Get a fun colouring book you can even get postcard colouring books. This will give you the additional perk of sending postcards to your friends you can’t see due to the pandemic. Pro-tip use colouring pens they make your colouring brighter. Make lines or scribbles, those even end up looking beautiful. It feels like meditation.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, a consistent morning routine can be a game-changer in how you start your day, and can have a positive impact on your overall well-being and productivity. By setting aside some time for yourself in the morning and establishing a routine that supports your goals, you can take control of your day and make the most of your time. So why not start tomorrow with a clear plan and a positive attitude, and see how your new morning routine can transform your life?

I have added these to my morning routine and let me tell you I feel de-stressed and calm throughout the day! My motivation to work has also increased. 

Get started on a routine now!


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