how to motivate yourself to workout

How to motivate yourself to workout – Get that healthy body


When it comes to working out it is hard to start. Once you start the workout you can push through but getting there is the tough part.

So, here is some advice on how to make it easier for yourself. Let me teach you techniques on how to motivate yourself to workout, so you make it to the start of the workout and pull through.

Tips on how to motivate yourself to workout

Find something you like

If you don’t like running you aren’t going to be motivated to run. To keep working out you have to find something you actually like doing. I used to think it was impossible to love working out. I had been to the gym tried the treadmill and I hated it. When my friends used to ask me to come to a class, I would look at them like why would anyone want to do that by choice. Then I discovered kickboxing and everything changed. It was something I found easy, I could release my stress and the class flew by. So, find something you enjoy! Believe me, it is possible. Working out will then become something you look forward to instead of dreading. Your workout can be swimming, rowing, running etc. It does not have to be the gym. 

Be prepared

Have your workout gear and mat ready from the night before. Keep it somewhere you can view it. This way you would have already prepared and would be more likely to work out. I exercise at 12 pm so I wear my sports bra from morning till my workout, just to reduce the effort to workout. I prepare myself for the workout beforehand so when the moment actually comes I am ready. It is something small but you will be surprised how much it helps.

Plan your workout from before

If you are going to a class you don’t have to worry about this. But if you are doing a class at home plan it from before. You can plan the class the night before if you like working out in the morning. I like to find the Youtube video for the class I am going to follow forward and see if it is something I can actually enjoy. Right now my absolute favourite is the Killa Cole Intensity X3 workout. 

If you like doing your own thing then plan from before. For example, tell yourself I want to do 30 minutes elliptical and 15 minutes weights. Having a plan will motivate you to exercise when the time comes. You can even plan the time. I like exercising at 12 pm on my lunch break.

Track how you feel afterwards

When it comes time to start exercising we forget that feeling we have after the class. The rush of energy, happiness and dopamine release we have is forgotten when it comes to starting exercising. So, write about the feeling in your journal this will motivate you to exercise the next day. 

Get an exercise partner 

Whether it is something you are exercising with virtually, going to an actual class or your roommate find someone you can exercise with. Having someone else working out with you adds accountability and responsibility. When I don’t exercise I have to feel guilty about my sister not exercising too and this is a great motivator. Use this motivation to your advantage!

Know the why?

It is important to know why you are exercising. That will motivate you to exercise. I want to be healthy and feel the energy I feel after exercising. That is my why! Think about your own and it will help motivate you.

Wrap Up

Just like with any other goal you have to start small. If you have just started exercising start with 30 minutes of exercise and build it up as weeks pass. You can start with 2 days and build it up to 4. Don’t expect instant results as they say “it takes 2 weeks to feel it, 4 weeks to see it and 8 weeks to hear it.” Keep tracking yourself and celebrate the small victories along the way.

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