Netflix Holiday Movies

Top Netflix Holiday Movies – Tis’ the season to be Jolly!

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Warm socks, hot chocolate, and getting cozy on the sofa. Doesn’t that sound amazing right? As the weather gets colder the desire to stay indoors increases. That’s when the Christmas movies need to be watched. Now that Christmas is only a little more than a month away we can get started on the Holiday Season Movies.

Netflix holiday movies

Love Hard

Getting Catphished is shitty? But it doesn’t have to be! When Rihanna said she found love in a hopeless place maybe it was for the girl in Lovehard. This movie was a cute romance. With the ending we all expected? Isn’t that’s what is great about Christmas movies the predictability

Christmas Flow

Can a Christmas present mix-up lead you to find your soul mate? Only in a Christmas movie.

The Princess Switch 1, 2, 3

If you just joined the Christmas movie binge-watching scheme you can watch all 3. Otherwise, if you are a Christmas movie fanatic like me just wait for number 3. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind watching all 3 to let me watch one movie a day.

Coming out November 18th!

Single All the way

Don’t you love it when people pretend to bring a boyfriend home for Christmas and fall in love with them? I think maybe I should try it? Is it the real secret to finding love?

Coming December 2nd, 2021

A Castle for Christmas

Coming November 26th!

A Christmas Prince

The Holiday

Swapping homes in the holiday season what a great way to find love? Maybe we all should be inspired by this idea. The Holiday is an old movie but it’s something I can watch every year and feel happy. There’s something comforting about watching the same movie again and again.


Holiday Rush


Christmas Inheritance

Operation Christmas Drop

The holiday season doesn’t have to happen in the snow it can happen on a beautiful island

Let is snow

The Knight Before Christmas

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