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Only you can be you – Make that your key to success

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When starting a big project or a business it can be stressful to think about the competition. Will I succeed? So many people are doing the same thing so how will I stand out?

We have been engrained to think there are only 3 positions at the top. If someone else did something you can’t do it anymore. We think life is like school. In school, I never even competed with anyone because it was always the same 3 kids getting the first, second and third. It made me think life was like that to that I wasn’t part of the intelligent kid clan that was supposed to accomplish something. I was just mediocre. Why bother trying because those kids will get it. I had the completely wrong attitude and most of us do because we are never told that we are unique people and what we bring to the table is unique and can make a difference.

To some people it might sound stupid that is something that has to be told. But if everything you have been taught has made you believe the opposite it is something that has to be said. I never even realised that was one of the things stopping me from trying to achieve my dreams.

It took me a while to realize I wasn’t mediocre. I didn’t have to be those 3 kids to be successful. I am me and that is good enough. No one else can be and bring what I can to the table. They don’t have my personality or the experiences I have had.

Two people can go into the blogging business but their blogs are going to be different. The things they want to write about or their writing styles will be different because they are expressing themselves and no two people will do that in the same way. I stopped trying to be someone else and started being myself. If you are going to copy someone else or try to be someone else then you are missing out on what you could bring to the table. People are also missing out on the opportunity to get that as well.

Give two students a topic and let them express themselves in any way they want. When you see the result you will see they have both done something completely different. It is because our brain has different ideas.

Now it is not true only for the blogging business it is true for anything. Any business idea you have someone else could have the same one but they will have a twist to it and a different thing. There is enough room for everyone to succeed. Life isn’t like school and there are not only 3 spots. If I get a spot doesn’t mean you won’t get a spot. There are enough money and resources to go around. Yeah, they are in the hands of very few but that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough to go around. We just never try because we think we can’t accomplish that. If you don’t try how will you ever know?

So know that you are a unique person and are bringing something unique to the table. People pay for uniqueness and authenticity. School and society has tried to conform us to become the same. But that is not what we were meant to be. Ofcourse confirming and rules stop society from being a turmoil but we all don’t have to be like each other. We were meant to be different and we should embrace the differences instead of trying to conform and become like one another.

Let’s use food as an example. Wouldn’t it be super bland if we all just it the same kind of food and there weren’t any spices? Spice in food from different parts of the world and cultures is what makes it exciting. This is what goes for every part of life. People’s authenticity and differences make it exciting. So bring that not only to your personal life but your business as well.

Express your ideas. I felt a great deal of shame in school even expressing my ideas because in school we were taught that there is only one right answer one right idea. But in life that is not true. There is no right answer or right idea. Some work some don’t. We just need to go out there and be ourselves.

When you realize only you can be you the whole world opens up to you. It changes your perspective on your romantic life, career, business and personal life.

So remember, only you can be you!




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