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We love binge-watching tv shows and then sharing our views with all of you. So, here is the Pigeontalk exclusive review on Twentysomething Austin one of the newest Reality TV shows to hit Netflix.


She is probably the only person on the show if I met in real life I’d be like yeah we can be friends. I did feel they downplayed her character though. Now, she isn’t conventionally what is considered hot on TV as she isn’t tall skinny, and blonde but she is pretty so I don’t know why on the show they made it seem like she was not. I am sure if she was on Hinge she would get tons of matches but on this show they made it seem like the first person she met sent her a dick picture and then got stood up.

Now, being in the dating world for very long I’ve never gotten stood up so it was hard for me to believe she did. Now, she got ghosted after 2 dates is a common occurrence and I believe that happened. I think instead of downplaying and making her seem like the least good-looking person on the show they should have played on her strengths. She was funny, beautiful face had great make-up skills, and was the only one on the show with some sort of personality. Her body was not what is conventionally thought of as hot but she was working those curves and looked good.


Blonde and tall so was getting all the guys on the show at least for the beginning. Maybe, this is realistic, and what happens in real life who knows. What annoyed me about her character was that she knew she was seeking guy attention for validation but continued to do it. Kudos to her for acknowledging it but if you aren’t going to take any real steps towards fixing that how long can someone feel empathy for her?

I do feel empathy towards the fact that she is recently divorced and just struggling to make it through.


Now if I was Isha and saw that he bought my first jacket and not a real customer I’d be kind of annoyed. I mean he did save her but it’s annoying to know it wasn’t a real customer, isn’t it? I guess he gave her the confidence boost he needed. Also, don’t want to be rude and hope his stand-up comedy is doing better but he was really bombing on the show. Those jokes were really not funny and I was surprised Isha even wanted to be with him after she saw his show. That is real love I guess?

I do like the fact that he is inexperienced and not sure what to do with girls that is cute and makes him someone you want to root for.


I thought it was super cute that he got homesick and left. You don’t expect that from a guy so it was something unconventional but realistic so I really liked that. He was a good character so I was sad to see him go but his storyline was good.

Raquel Daniels

She was a good character I didn’t like that in the middle they just forgot about her. I like her and Kamari together and think they will last. She is the girl that can change him from the whole FWB world, the real deal!

Kamari Bonds

The heartbreaker! The good-looking model that everyone on the show is basically attracted to. I mean his in Abbey’s situation he was pretty open he wanted just friends with benefits so it’s hard to blame him for what happened. I am rooting for him and Raquel though. They just somehow flow.

How easily he got a job by just worrying about it in the end was impressive.


I like how his dating life progresses. It is realistic and shows the struggle of dating in today’s world.


I like her style and that she is bringing her culture to the show. She is making moves by selling her clothes and I am proud of her! It is nice to see a brown girl representation in this reality show as there usually isn’t one. Now her and Michael I don’t I just didn’t see the chemistry but Maybe I missing something? I kind of liked her and Bruce more but I guess he wasn’t her type.

The fact that it was a multicultural group made it more realistic cause that is the true representation of what roommates look like so it was nice to see the show bring that out. Now, I don’t know how happening Austin is and I had never heard it was happening before so that was something new for me.

Overall I enjoyed Twentysomething Austin.  Now I wouldn’t say it is amazing or anything it was okay. There wasn’t that much drama or some exciting reality tv show stuff going on but when there isn’t that much to watch on Netflix it did do the job of entertaining me but I watch anything so that isn’t much of a standard.

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