Pandemic Valentine’s Day Ideas – Make it special


Even though the world is opening up it is not necessary everyone is comfortable hitting up those public spots. You could also be in quarantine during valentine’s day because the virus is spreading so rapidly. Whatever the reason is that you want to spend Pandemic Valentine’s Day Ideas, we have a list for you!

Pandemic Valentine’s Day Ideas

In house massage

pandemic valentine's day ideas

Give your partner a massage. You can plan the whole thing. Set up a bath with bubbles and put some flowers in it. Buy a bottle of sparkling wine. Before the bath, you can give your partner a massage. Set the place up though so it looks like you put in some effort and place. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. Light up a few candles and have some towels set up. Buy some oils prior and ask your partner to lie down and give them a back massage. Keep some soothing music on so they feel like they are actually at a spa.

The pandemic has stressed us a lot and made us tired and a massage might be exactly what your partner needs. After you and your partner can have a bath together and wash off that oil. Enjoy with sparkling wine. Just writing about this date is making me feel relaxed.

Make your partner a meal for Valentine’s Day

Sometimes the way to someone’s heart is their stomach so why not make your partner a meal? You can go as fancy or as simple as you like. Just pasta with store-bought tomato sauce can be impressive because you put in the time and thought into it. Of course, if you are a great chef go for something fancy and make steak. Check out our steak recipe.

If you are feeling like you want to go all-out make some baked potatoes or mashed potatoes to go with it. The more courses you have the fancier your partner will feel. End it with just some Netflix and Chill.

Don’t forget to buy a bottle of wine since you are celebrating.

Bake together

You don’t have to cook alone if you don’t want to. Just buy the ingredients beforehand and then cook together. It doesn’t have to be a meal you can bake some cookies together. Have fun with the icing (wink wink)

Make chocolate Fondue

pandemic lockdown ideas

Buy chocolate and melt it. You don’t need a fondue machine although those are great. Buy some fun fruits like strawberries. Strawberries are so romantic and usually, chocolate strawberries are so expensive so this is the cheaper version. Honestly, you can put any fruit in chocolate fondue so go wild.

Paint together

Buy some canvas, acrylic paint, and paintbrush from Dollarrama. You can either watch a Youtube video and paint or just paint your heart out.

Buy two boards and at least 3 colours of paints so there is variety.

Date night game

You can buy a set of date cards on amazon for date night. This basically is a set of cards that you ask questions. If it’s your first date or you are married these questions work for all. There are different sets available. After you ask your partner these questions you will feel closer.

Don’t feel like spending on buying a set of cards. Just have a bottle of wine open, stare into your partner’s eyes and ask them the 36 questions to fall in love.

Learn a dance on Valentine’s Day

Dancing somehow always gets a smile on my face. Whether it is just random moves or learning something from a video. Dance with your partner if it isn’t something you guys normally do it will be something fun to try out. Dancing with your partner is an intimate act and that’s what makes it special for Valentine’s Day.

Comment below and let us know what idea you like the best.

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