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Are you short like me and don’t know where to find jumpsuits or pants that actually reach the places they are meant to be? Yeah, that’s my struggle every day! So, I am making a list to help you out and make your life easier. You don’t need to miss out on those jeans, cute pants or jumpsuits find out where to shop for petite clothes.

I have shopped at these petite clothes and even being 5 foot I find them perfect so if you are in the same boat try them out and you no longer have to make sacrifices. 

Petite clothes stores


 Loft by Ann Inc has a petite size and you will be able to find a jumpsuit and long dresses that actually fits you in the right places even if you are petite. So no need to get clothes hemmed or have the crotch part of the jumpsuit at a weird spot. Get something that fits right on your amazing petite body!

Banana republic

Whether you are shopping for a party jumpsuit or formal pants for work banana republic is the place to hit if you are petite. They have a whole petite section. No struggles are required with pinning or trying to hem the bottom of the pants. Shop at the back of their store in the sale area and you’ll get a great discount as well. Banana republic is a great place for petite women to get work pants.


Uniqlo cuts your jeans for just 5 dollars (items over $20) and sometimes for free. They ask you to try the jeans on and pin them up and cut and hem for you. For 5 dollars getting jeans to your size, it’s a great bargain and well worth it if you are petite. Their jeggings are cheap, stylish and comfortable. They offer an online hemming service as well and you don’t even have to visit the store in some countries. Uniqlo is great if you are trying to shop for petite basics. 

Other stores that do have good petite clothes are also ASOS and Topshop.


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