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Ways to help you overcome procrastination


Procrastination is when we delay a task. Instead of doing the task we avoid it and do something else or nothing at all. 

Let’s first see why we procrastinate?

We procrastinate because we find the task so daunting that we choose to avoid it instead of actually completing it. This can happen when the task seems big or we fear we won’t be able to do it.

 People procrastinate because they are overwhelmed. They don’t even know where/how to begin the task.

If we have a fixed mindset we might be leaving the task till the end because if we fail then instead of blaming our intelligence, which we think is fixed, we can blame the lack of time.

How to stop procrastinating?

Breaking down tasks

Breaking down tasks helps overcome procrastination. Let’s use writing a blog as an example.

  1. First, come up with a blog topic
  2. Look up the keywords regarding the topic to see if they are searchable words.
  3. Then start researching the topic
  4. Then write down the headings you want to be covered within the blog. Create a framework
  5. Write my description for the blog
  6. Start writing the blog
  7. Edit the blog
  8. Choose a picture for the blog
  9. Add any relatable links and keywords

Having the task broken down I know when I have to do what. I don’t have to have the daunting thought that I have to write a blog on that topic today. I have broken down the task and I know if I follow the steps I will achieve the goal. Each task can be further broken down as well.

 Because the task is broken down I feel more motivated. Just coming up with the topic is encouraging and one thing completed on my checklist. This motivates me to go on to the next task. Action is a great motivator. It gives you more reason to celebrate as well.

If you have a goal write down how you can break it down. It will help you avoid procrastination. It will be easier to make decisions if you break down what exactly you need to do. You can then do the parts that can be done in less than 5 minutes first to get the easy wins that will motivate you to keep going on.

You can also break down the task based on urgency and use it as a to-do list.

Know the reason for the task 

Know why you are doing it. Knowing the reason why you are doing the task will motivate you into completing the task.

Reflect on why you are avoiding the task

Additionally, it is also important to know why you are avoiding the task. Acknowledge that feeling and try to understand it by reflecting. Then replace is by visualizing a time when you completed a task. Think of the energy, excitement and thrill  you felt. 


Change your mindset. We tend to have a fixed mindset about challenging tasks. We think if we fail at a task it will reflect on our intelligence. This happens because we believe traits to be fixed. But in actuality, we are constantly learning and becoming better. Take each challenge as an opportunity to put in the effort and learn new strategies to achieve personal growth.

If we have a growth mindset where we think intelligence is something we learn we will fear failure less. There will be less reasons to procrasinate. We will think of it as a learning opportunity. We will also be more willing to allocate time to tasks because we will believe that effort is what leads to results. When you start a task give yourself a pep talk! 

To learn more mindset check out this Tedtalk.

If you are procrastinating you aren’t lazy you want to do the task. There are just some barriers. Use the tools provided in the blog to overcome your procrastination!

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What task are you currently working on? Break it down and reflect on how it helped you! That will help you adopt this in all aspects of your life.

So, if you think quotes help you get out of the funk of procrastination check out our blog on motivational quotes.


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