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Quarantine hobbies to pick up in Wave 3 of Covid


With Covid numbers rising and the 3rd wave hitting areas some countries have been placed in lockdown again. This leaves us with a lot of time to pick up new hobbies as everything else is shut. So let’s discuss ideas for quarantine hobbies.

Quarantine hobbies:

Embroidery painting

I tried this for the first time today and I have got to say it was challenging but interesting. If it is your first time doing any sort of embroidery it will be challenging as there will be lots of knots getting randomly tied. But the challenge makes it fun.

I first put masking tape on the canvas (not in the middle diagonally but a little less than that as you don’t want it to be completely symmetrical). Then I painted one portion of the canvas. I waited 2 hours for it to dry. I then removed the masking tape. Then I printed an outline. I stuck the printout with masking tape on the canvas. I poked holes with the needle (you want them to be apart but not too apart). Then I removed the printout. Then I started using the thread.

I watched the below video to get started.

What you will need: A canvas, yarn thread, needle, masking tape, and acrylic. (Everything can be bought from Amazon or the dollar store). To start you only need to buy one acrylic colour and a simple black thread.

Roller Skating

I bought skates from Amazon they are available for $70-$150. My advice is buying some knee pads, wrist bands, elbow pads, and a helmet as you will fall. I first watched Youtube videos for beginners. Then I practiced for 2 days in the garage. I now practice in a parking lot (as the ground is smoother than a road). Roller skating might be harder than rollerblading according to my research. Skates also allow you to move more slowly so if you are looking for a fast pace go for rollerblading.

Roller skating is a great workout. Through 1 hour of skating, you can lose around 600 calories which is great. The calve burn during skating is real and I am excited to see the impact it has on my glutes. Even if it wasn’t a work out roller skating is a fun activity and it keeps me smiling.

My pandemic best friend BOB (Body opponent bag)

Working out is a great hobby to pick up. My go to workout is a punching bag. I look up Intensity x3 workouts online and then follow them. They are half an hour long and beginner friendly.

I encourage doing workouts outside as well.

Word search challenge

I bought a word search book and I gave my family one sheet each and then we compete for who finishes the word search fastest. This creates healthy competition and adds some fun to our day.


Every wanted to start a blog? Well, this is a great time. You can set yourself up for a challenge to blog every day for 21 days. Blogging every day releases my stress and lets me be creative. Coming up with topics and writing about things I am passionate about adds joy to my life

Take a course

There are so many free online courses available. This is the perfect time to increase your knowledge. My course of choice has been life coaching. Learning basic skills about journaling, problem-solving and a growth mindset has allowed me to grow.


I have a hoop outside my house but you can go to the park and just shoot some shots. Not good at shooting well this is the time to develop those skills.


Spring is here and this is the time to garden. Gardening has its benefits read our blog if you are interested in knowing them.


Check out a new hike next to your house. You can get your steps in and some fresh air.

Comment below and let us know what your quarantine hobbies are.


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