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60 questions to ask each other before getting married 

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Marriage is a huge step and we know the divorce rate is high. It is because people are getting married only for love. But sometimes love isn’t enough. You need to put in the effort and compromise. Additionally, you need to ask questions and communicate prior to the marriage and during. That is why this list of questions to ask each other before getting married is great.

Of course, you can’t think of every situation and it will always be a risk. But it is better to at least have an idea of what you are getting it. Ask the tough questions and go into detail about them. Some questions might be obvious if you have been in a long-term relationship but it is better to ask and get a clear answer. Another reason why this list of questions to ask each other before getting married is important to go through. 

Questions to each other before getting married

  1. What does marriage mean to you?
  2. What do you expect from a marriage?
  3. Identify 5 reasons why you have chosen your partner to marry
  4. Do you see yourself living in the same city?
  5. Name 3 of your short term goals
  6. Name 3 of your long term goals
  7. What role does religion play in your life currently?
  8. In the future will that change?
  9. If God plays a role in your life what role is it?
  10. Are you spiritual? And what does that mean to you?
  11. Do you expect that your spouse has the same religious values as you? If not what are your religious expectations from your spouse?
  12. What is your connection to your religious community? Do you have the same expectations from your spouse? If not what are your expectations for your spouse?
  13. What is your connection to your cultural community? Do you have the same expectations from your spouse? If not what are your expectations for your spouse?
  14. Do you volunteer? Do you expect your spouse to volunteer? If yes what are your expectations? 
  15. What do you believe is the role of a husband in a marriage?
  16. What do you believe is the role of the wife in a marriage?
  17. Do you believe in monogamy? And intend to practice that in your marriage?
  18. What role does family play in your life? Your current and future family
  19. After marriage what are your expectations from your spouse regarding her/his relationship with your family?
  20. What role do you expect to be playing in your spouse’s family’s life?
  21. Will you be living alone with your spouse or with your family?
  22. When your parents get old will the living situation change?
  23. Do you have friends of the opposite gender? What is your relationship now with them? Will that change after marriage?
  24. Are you okay with your spouse having friends of the opposite gender? Are there expectations regarding the friendship?
  25. What relationship do you expect your partner should have with your friends?
  26. Describe a day in your lif and describe a weekend in your life
  27. Do you like hosting friends and family?
  28. When you are on vacation what do you like doing? What is your expectation of others on the vacation?
  29. Explain your viewpoint on on public display of affection? 
  30. Do you think it is important to verbally express love?
  31. If someone did a favour for you how would you express it?
  32. If you did a favour for someone do you have expectations on how someone should react?
  33. Are you okay with apologizing when you are wrong? How do you go about it?
  34. If you are upset or angry how should someone apologize or make it up to you?
  35. Do you easily forgive people or do you hold grudges?
  36. Do you use swear words? When and where?
  37. When you are angry what do you do?
  38. Do you believe in marriage counselling?
  39. What does mental, verbal, emotional, and physical abuse mean to you?
  40. What would you do if you were being abused?
  41. Do you have any diseases or health problems? Any genetic history of disease in your family that can be life-threatening?
  42. Would you be okay with getting a physical exam before marriage?
  43. Would you be okay with a prenup?
  44. How much is your yearly income?
  45. Discuss your finances. What do you spend your money on and what do you save. Any big purchases you plan for in the future?
  46. What are your expectations of your spouse spending their money?
  47. Do you plan to pool all your money? Some of your money or none of your money?
  48. What debts do you have currently and what are your plans to pay them off?
  49. Describe your credit card usage 
  50. Do you plan on living on rent after marriage or getting a mortgage?
  51. What financial responsibility do you expect from your spouse after marriage?
  52. Do you think the household should be dual income?
  53. Is the expectation that both spouses should continue working after having children?
  54. Do you believe in hiring help when needed?
  55. Do you want children? If not provide a reason
  56. Do you want to adopt children or not? If it is necessary would that be an option?
  57. How soon after the marriage do you want children?
  58. Do you believe in abortion?
  59. If your child did something wrong how would you react? How would you expect your spouse to react?
  60. Do you want to send your children to public or private school?

Questions to ask each other before getting married can also be used before moving in or deciding to be common-law.


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