Quitting job during pandemic – Why the sudden rise?


You have probably seen in the news that now quitting job during pandemic has become a trend. Now that we are coming close to the end of the pandemic there has been a rapid increase of people quitting their job. Curious to find out why all of the sudden rise in resignation?

Pandemic has made people question their priorities

With more time on their hands, people had time to figure out what their purpose was. Many people felt their purpose was not to do a 9-5 and they could do something more. Everyone’s choices have been different ranging from starting their own business to just taking time off to spend with their family.

People are not down for the commute

The average person was wasting around 4 hours in commute every day. Think about that, 4 hours. You can do so much in 4 hours. But we were coming home tired and not able to do anything. I started the pandemic with 0 hobbies and now I have 10 because I have so much more time to try new things and learn. I have picked up badminton, rollerblading, roller skating, blogging and the list goes on and on. Will I be able to do these things with a 4-hour commute? Probably not.

When you take away the social aspect of your job it makes you realize things

When I was at work I was being entertained and having fun talking to people. I didn’t have time to realize how boring my job was. Take that away and leave me alone in my basement with my work I started to realize how much I hated what I was doing. I am sure it’s the same for most people. Just doing work, work and work makes you realize that you don’t enjoy it. And gives you that reality check you needed.

While working my old job I was constantly thinking is this what I am going to be doing for the rest of my life. It made me really think.

9-5 is no longer for everyone

During the pandemic, a lot of people had extra time on their hands to start a side business. Now that it has been over 15 months some people’s side business has picked up and it has become their main business. They can afford to give up their 9-5 for their true dreams.

Family time

Some parents have had to stop working to take care of their children. They have enjoyed this time and decided to do it full time.

Wrap up for Quitting Job during pandemic

If you have decided to quit your job but don’t know how let us help you. Email your manager and book some time. In the meeting bring up that have learned a lot from the job and have had a great experience but you need a break and would like to resign. Make sure you know how much notice you need to give. Don’t burn bridges and be nice to everyone in your weeks after resignation. Write a email after your meeting to confirm your resignation.

You can even write an email if you feel uncomfortable having a face to face conversation.

Do you feel like quitting your job? Is it for these reasons or something different? Comment below and let us know.

Welcome to the great resignation!



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