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5 Self care items that are a must have

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With the pandemic causing us to become close to burnout and being unmotivated it is important to take time out for self-care. The additional time that I have now with lockdown gives me time to spend on myself to rejuvenate.

Through self care we can feel refreshed and be ready to work at our maximum potential.

Here is my list of items that are must haves. This list is not sponsored.

Self care items:


diffuser    Shop now 

The aromatic smell that comes from my lavender oil through the diffuser relaxes me. It brings ease and calm to my body. I don’t like to have the diffuser on all day as overexposure to essential oils can give headaches. But I do have it on for 1 or 2 hours to relax the environment. My favourite essential oils to use are lavender and lemongrass. Lemongrass gives me the feels that I am getting a massage in Thailand.

Now there are expensive diffusers at places like Sage but I got mine for under 50 dollars at Amazon.

Soul Therapy Journal

journal   Shop now 


Adding journaling to my everyday habit changed the way I think. It has allowed me to reflect and take a moment to think about my day. I use the soul therapy journal that gives me prompts. Each prompt is different and that is why I love it. Apart from soul therapy I also have a gratitude journal where I write 7 things I am grateful for and 3 things I would like to manifest into my life.

Postcard colouring book

     colouring book for self care        Shop now

Colouring allows you to destress and well that is important for some self care. My favourite is the postcard colouring book from amazon. You can send it to your loved ones. Who doesn’t love a surprise post card especially in this pandemic when we can’t travel or see people as much.

Jade roller

   Shop now jade roller for self care

Using the jade roller and moving it around your face not only tightens it and gets the blood flowing it is soothing.

Clay mask

  Shop now clay mask for self care

This mask will make your skin feel great and you feel relaxed. I love putting masks on Sunday and giving myself spa feels. Make it an experience put a robe on, mask up, and some cucumbers on your eyes. End it with a warm bath.

Wrap up for self care items

All these make my weekend self care package. I even try to use them for my morning or night routines. Together these self care items make a great care package to send to a friend. Make your friends feel loved.

However, it is important to note that self care can be done without spending money as well. Taking a walk or getting some fresh air counts as self care. Do what helps you it can be as small as taking a hot shower.

What is your number one self care item that you can’t live without?


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