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Well, we just got done binge-watching Selling Sunset season 4 and well we have lots of thoughts. These are spoilers so don’t read ahead unless you have watched episode 10!  I love google searching shows after the last episode to see everyone else’s opinions and if they were wondering the same thing. 

Selling Sunset season 4


What was going on with that girl? Did they just make her bring up something from 5 years ago to stir up some drama? How could something that happen 5 years ago impact her so much? People are saying ook what her ex looks like compared to her husband and that’s the reason Christine is unhappy. Christine ex actually worked at the Oppenheim group. Peter Cornell is the director of the sports and entertainment division of the Oppenheim Group. Christine’s current husband though is super loaded though so I think that should make up for the looks. 

Throughout the show, I kept thinking Christine can’t have made up the whole engagement thing. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. Her character is very flawed but could it be that flawed. Well, of course, she lied and made the whole Davina thing up. I guess some people will do anything for attention. The drama could have been made a little bit realistic though. Like I know reality tv is fake but I would like to believe they put in the effort to make it somewhat real. Her telling Mary in the end that she lived in another apartment and Mary is wrong. Like girl keep up with your lies. 

What shocked me more than the lies was Christine’s body after she had a kid. Like what? Apparently, you can crack an egg on it because it so so hard. I mean she does put a lot of work into it did you see her doing Yoga? I am sure it of course has to do a lot with botox and surgeries as well. Have you seen her face most things on it appear unreal so I am sure the same goes for her body? Still, props for her to be able to wear the clothes she wore after. She does seem like a good caring mother so that is impressive as well. 

Also, why is she talking about Heather and Chrishell so much in the media? Stop spreading rumors. Of course, they don’t want to be friends with you after that. Heather hasn’t done anything to anyone. She is that sweet girl that sits on the side but is nothing but nice. I am a fan. 


Davina this season was actually not annoying. Her clothing style has improved so much before she looked kind of blah but now she was all dressed up and stuff. What changed her? She also wasn’t causing unnecessary drama and didn’t even say anything rude. Her opinion on Christine and not interfering actually made sense.

I think I actually liked Davina this season.

Jason and Chrishell

Can I say what? I totally thought she would be with Simon Liu (also according to google this guy’s net worth is 18 million. Why are you buying a 9 million house keep some of that money for investment pal, although I do agree with you LA houses vs builder houses in Toronto are like Woah!). They had chemistry and he was flirting with her on-screen. Is that why Jason randomly mentioned selling a house when he was flirting with her. Or was that Brett? Is it bad that I can’t tell them apart? Well, next season we will get to see the agents’ reaction to this news. Am I the only one who finds this completely odd couple? But good for Chrishell falling in love and making moves in the world. She has bounced back from her divorce and we are proud of her.


In this season Mary seemed to have grown a spine. She was not getting pushed over and standing up for herself. Her character has become stronger. Feel bad though she isn’t getting to enter this hot housing market because of Romaine. Maybe she should buy a house for investment purposes with her own money? That way she can at least enter the market. Don’t want her to miss out on being able to afford the Valley at all.


Girl why are you on this show. You could be doing much better things with your life. Go run that empire somewhere else. But I guess you want fame as well as money. Selling sunset is good publicity. 


Another Soap Opera gal makes it to the Oppenheim group (Do Jason and Brett have a type?). Vanessa’s determination to help Christine is fascinating. Also is it weird if you take someone to a life coach (sorry mindset coach) and then tell everyone what happened at the meeting? Is there no confidentiality in the world?


The focus wasn’t so much on her on the show. She is busy with being a mom and stuff. Being a single mom is hard. 

Spin-off Selling sunset OC

Well, there is a new selling sunset coming and we are excited. These new characters feel like they are bringing the spice and drama. It is nice to see fresh faces as the old stories are kind of played out.

Pro Tip: Never watch Selling Sunset with your dad. He will hate it and not stop talking about how stupid it is.

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