Sephora holiday sets 2021 – Get your hands on them now!


‘Tis the season again! Ho ho ho! We are back to the holidays and that means you are looking for some gifts! Sephora has the best and easiest holiday gifts. Every girl’s dream is to have more and more make-up. So why not fulfill that and pick it from the Sephora  Holiday Sets 2021. Because let’s be real we can never have enough eyeshadow, lipsticks, and blush! 

Sephora holiday sets 2021

Tarte Holiday Blush set (Amazonian clay cheek set)

Honestly, I have been swearing by Tarte blushes since forever. Especially, for brown girls, they have high pigmentation so it shows on our skin (not like other brands). And on top of that, it is also long-lasting. There are a variety of colours included in this blush set. It is basically the Queen of blush sets. You will not need any other colours. Included in this are 5 Amazonian clay cheek sets. 

Sephora holiday sets 2021

Tarte iconic eye face palette

I can’t wait for this! It is coming to Sephora on November 23rd. Look at all this stuff it has. Woah like this is what you call a bang for your buck.

Tarte iconic eye face palette

holiday sets

Tartelette collectors set 

Not sure when this one is dropping but that is the one I can’t wait to get my hands on. I swear by Tarte gift sets. 

For the hair lover

This Olaplex set is a really good deal. If you are buying a present for someone who cares more about hair than make-up then this is the best deal you are going to find.

olaplaex Sephora set

Olaplex set


One day someone called me out on my lips being dry. My ego took hurt and I stopped wearing lipstick. Until I found Laneige it is literally a life saver so this gift set is something I’d want. I can now comfortably wear lipstick all the time. It says night sleeping mask but for me, it’s a daily thing. Sephora gift in Canada this year though is a Laneige set so for those that choose that option might not want this. But those are small bottles and don’t last long if you are as obsessed as me.

Laneige set

Lipstick set 

lipstick set holiday season

Want to help someone build their lipstick collection? This set has all the basics. Usually, sets have some weird colour that doesn’t match all shades but this set is for all colours. It doesn’t have that weird dark purple that 5 percent of the population can pull off. You get 4 mini lipsticks from Charolette’s Tillbury. 

Nudegasm by Charlotte Tillbury

This is a highlighter, blush, and eyeshadow. You can use it anywhere on your face and it comes with 4 awesome colours. It might look different based on skin colour but anyone can pull this off.

Advanced Nightly Repair set

You have to start caring about your skin at some point and this is the package that can get you going. You need anti-aging creams from a young age to have an impact. Not that there is anything with wrinkles (they show your wisdom and beauty).

Sephora holiday sets

Advanced Nightly Repair set

Now, these sets don’t have to be bought for someone else you can buy them for yourself. You deserve all the pampering in the world this Holiday season.

Comment below and let us know what you will be buying from the Sephora holiday sets 2021.


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