Should I text him first?


So you go on a date with a guy, you come back, and he hasn’t texted for 24 hours and you are panicking. Thinking, should I text him first? Well, I am here to inspire you to make that move!

Why you should text him first

Everyone’s been in this situation and wondered what to do. The advice we hear always says wait it out. Make him want you. Play hard to get. But is this really what we are looking for? Don’t we just want a real relationship that doesn’t involve these games? Is it really worth it to wait for him and miss out on something great?

double text

Yeah the first date for him might not have been amazing and that’s why he hasn’t responded, he could be playing it cool and trying not to seem keen, he could think you are not interested or he isn’t interested. But you could change his mind with this text. You have nothing to lose. So just type that message and send it.

He could go from thinking it was awkward on the first date to oh the second date was so much fun. Put in that effort because finding something great takes effort. So put yourself out there when it is needed.

It is not worth sweating over this. Similarly, it is okay to ask a guy on a date. Aren’t we in a world where we are trying to take the power back? So get that girl power on! We don’t have to wait to get everything.

Go get what you deserve girl! If you want him, go get him! You don’t have to sit and pine on the sidelines. You will always be left with that thought what if I had just asked him out? Well, you don’t want any ‘what ifs’ in your life do you?

Texting a guy first or asking a guy out doesn’t make you desperate it makes you empowered and in control of your life. Isn’t that what we are all striving for?

Not sure how to keep the conversation going on text? Don’t worry we got you!

Wrap Up

Should I text him first?

What’s the worst that could happen? He doesn’t respond or says he isn’t interested. You just ripping off that band-aid. You are strong enough to take it. It’s better than waiting the whole week or month thinking oh he is going to text. So, stop wondering about whether you should text him first!

Go ahead and text him…


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