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Now Friends is something you might have grown up watching or the show you put on while you eat dinner. It is even the background to some peoples lives while they go on about their daily life. The comforting show that you keep watching re-runs off. So let us give you a list of similar shows to friends you can enjoy!

List of shows like Friends

How I met your mother

Ted who is an architect tells his children how he ended up meeting their mother. He tells the story by recounting events with his friends Lily, Marshall, Robin, and Barney. Their life unravels while you try to figure out when will Ted meet the mom. The show is funny and about a great group of friends.

Friends from college

Adulthood is hard especially if you are in your 40s. Watch this tight-knit group of friends manage their adult lives while being nostalgic about their past. A fun and humorous show to watch about a group of friends. Has 2 seasons on Netflix.

New Girl

Jess a teacher lives with 3 men in an apartment. These roommates become besties. The show is full of humour, romance, and friendship. Highly recommend the show as it is super funny and somewhat relatable.

Modern Family

Modern Family is not about a group of friends but it is more family friendships. This show is hilarious.

Big Bang Theory

This about a group of awkward friends and how their lives change when they meet their neighbor Penny who is nothing like them. She is free-spirited and works as a waitress while they have PHDs and are scientists. If FRIENDS was about smart geniuses this would be it. Watch this show if you are interested in that. And if you like Big Bang Theory watch Young Sheldon because it is amazing!

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