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Shows like Grey’s Anatomy that you need to watch

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Grey’s anatomy has been going on forever and if you are a true fan you are probably still watching it. If you are looking for shows like Grey’s Anatomy we got you!

Shows like Grey’s Anatomy

Station 19

If you still watch Grey’s Anatomy you need to try its spin-off Station 19. The episodes are linked and I would go as far as saying Station 19 is currently better than Grey’s Anatomy. Station 19 is set in a fire station and the gang is like family. There is a different fire to save every episode and there are lots of issues addressed which makes the show enlighting. Through this show, Shonda Rhimes addresses issues regarding racism and discrimination. She talks about police brutality and much more. The show has Ben from Grey’s in it.

Private Practice

This was also a spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy but it is now cancelled. It is the west coast version of Grey’s Anatomy. Instead of being a hospital, it is a small practice that works together. The characters from Grey’s that are in Private Practice are Addison and Amelia. Amelia actually started off in Private Practice and then moved to Grey’s

New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam recently came on Netflix and it has 2 episodes. It is a show about a Medical Director that starts working in New Amsterdam and wants to make changes. It addresses the issues and red tape in the medical system in America. The drama is fun and well it is always interesting to learn about issues in society.

Chicago Med and Chicago Fire

This show also has a fire and medical show and well it is set in a hospital and fire station which makes it like Grey’s Anatomy. There is the type of drama that is in Grey’s so you will love it.


Well, this is old and you probably know about it already but if you haven’t watched an episode watch it. House is a genius and solves crazy medical mysteries. Love the vibes this show gives off.

The Good Doctor

This show is about a doctor that has autism and is basically a genius.


This is another show by Shonda Rhimes that focuses on politics. Olivia pope solves political scandals and drama.

Royal Pains

This is about a house doctor in the Hamptons. It is not as good as Grey’s but if you are looking for a doctor show and have watched everything else try out Royal pains.

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Watch is the show you like that is similar to Grey’s Anatomy? Comment below and let us know.



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