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On My Block is a show about a group of friends living in a neighborhood full of gangs. Their friendship conquers all while they go on a treasure hunt to search for money that may not exist. Their friendship adds warmth to the show. If you enjoyed it and are looking for shows like On my Block look no further because I have got the list for you.

Shows like On My Block:


A poor neighborhood is being revamped. A family struggles with the changes to the neighbourhood. Their struggles and bond make the show interesting. You get to learn about the problems that gentrification causes while being entertained at the same time.

1 season 

One Day At a Time

One Day At a Time is based on an American Sitcom with the same name. Something from your mother’s time. Well at least from my mother’s time so we bonded over watching it together.

A family show about a single mom who is an Army Veteran living with her mom and two children. It is funny and entertaining. Great to watch with the family. You learn about the struggles of Cubans in America. Through the jokes, the show covers some woke topics. 

4 seasons 

Ashley Garcia Genius in Love

Another show to watch with your family. This show is about a genius in the books but not so much in real life. You will enjoy Alex navigating a normal teenage life. 

2 seasons 


Trinkets show about teenage kleptomaniacs bonding together through the problems they face. It Is an unusual concept added to the normal high school drama. 

All these shows are about teenagers or young adults navigating their lives with their family and friends. You learn while they learn.

Comment below and let us know if you know any shows like On my block that you enjoyed!


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