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My Thesis on One Tree Hill

If I had to name my favourite show it would probably be One Tree Hill. It came out when I was probably in Middle school and continued till I went to University. I felt like I grew up with it so I am always looking for shows like One Tree Hill. 

How can you not love that jock falls in love with a nerd story that reminds you of She’s all that. I used to believe that Nathan and Haley were relationship goals. That I could take the bad boy and make him good. When I grew up I realized you don’t get into a relationship to change someone but that was still a fantasy when I was a child. 

The Lucas, Peyton, and Brooke love triangle. Now when I look back I think about what was going on. But in the moment I really believed in Lucas and Peyton. 

You’re the one I want standing next to me when all my dreams come true, and you’re the one I want next to me if they don’t.” – One tree hill

That is my favourite quote. It is in a flashback in the episode I Forgot to Remember to Forget. That is the best episode with an amazing song Heartbeats by Jose Gonzeles.

Now One Tree Hill might have ended but for a true fan, it will always be in their hearts.

So, let me share with you shows that are similar to One Tree Hill. They might not be as good but they do come close.

Shows like One Tree Hill

Dawson’s Creek

This is an old but gold show. It is a forever show. I didn’t watch it when it came out since I was too young. But I watched it as an adult and I think you are never too old to watch it. Even though it is about kids in high school. 3 best friends that live on a creek hang out and grow up. It has the love triangles like in One Tree Hill and the small town vibes. Friends and love make great stories. 

The OC

The OC and One Tree Hill came out around the same town. Growing up there were the OC lovers and then the OTH lovers. Both are great shows. Ryan gets adopted by a wealthy family. He meets his brother and bestie Seth. Ryan goes from being poor to being welcomed ‘to the OC B****.’ He meets his neighbor Melissa and well there are sparks. Seth is the cute nerd in love with the beautiful and gorgeous Summer. Again a story about love, friendship, and California. Because well ‘California here we come, right back where we started from.’

Outer Banks

Now, this show isn’t exactly like OC or OTH but it has the vibes of friendship and love in a small town. With the mystery of trying to find treasure.


A group of high school friends grow up together in Beverly Hills. The drama is real and so is the love. 

Gossip Girl

Drama, love, relationships, and money. It is basically OTH with money and more drama. 


This one is a pretty underrated show. Set in the Greek life in University this show is full of friendships and love. If you hadn’t heard of it before check it out. 

This is US

Has the same vibes as OTH but just family-oriented. Doesn’t count as a teen drama but it is amazing. 3 siblings go through adulthood together dealing with day to day hardships of dealing with the scars from their childhood. 

Wrap up for shows like One Tree Hill

Now if you are missing the OTH crew they have a movie where some of them appear. The Christmas Contract. Now it is not a great movie but it will make you miss OTH.

For small-town vibes, Gilmore Girls is also a good show to watch. 


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