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This is Us is a family drama about three triplets. There are flashbacks into their parents’ lives as they explain the story. Through the show, you can see three children born together and raised together can have completely different experiences and turn out different. This is Us raises issues on racism and how difficult it is to be a parent and the impact you can have on your child. The romance, the family love, and the drama keep me entertained. I love This is Us and am always looking for more shows like it. Here is the Pigeontalk list for shows like This is Us.

Shows like This is Us

Brothers and Sisters

This is a family drama with a huge family. Each sibling is different and that of course leads to drama. This is an old show but it is amazing and I recommend it to anyone interested in family dramas.

Million little things

If This is US was about friends it would be Million Little Things. It starts with one of their friends committing suicide and how that brings the group together and they become friends like family.


Is a comedy and full of drama. It is about a poor family living together with their drunk father. The eldest sister keeps the house running but living in such conditions can be full of chaos.

Life in Pieces

This is a comedy show and might be a bit like Modern Family. It goes different dynamics in the family group and in that way it reminds me of This is US.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is a show about a daughter and her single mom living in a small town. Every Friday they go to the grandparents’ place. This is a show about family and that makes it similar to This is Us.

What is your favourite show that is similar to This is Us? Comment below and let us know.


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