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Gilmore Girls is an all-time favourite. Set in a small town with a mother-daughter duo this is the perfect family show. 

If you are looking for similar shows you have come to the right place. Since childhood, Gilmore Girls has been my favourite show and I binge watch it every year. 

I am always looking for shows similar to Gilmore girls that have that small-town family vibe. 

Here is my list of shows similar to Gilmore Girls:

Hart of Dixie

Romance, small town and a love triangle? Do those words interest you then Hart of Dixie is the show for you! It has the southern small-town vibes where everyone knows each other and is in their business. Don’t you love watching that? 

Living in a big city I like to watch small-town shows to catch a break. Hart of Dixie has 4 seasons so start binge-watching now. 

The anticipation of who is going to be together, in the end, leaves you wanting more. 

This show has been cancelled.

Virgin River

Big city girl moves to a small town, the starting of every heartwarming show/movie. Virgin River is a mix of Hart of Dixie but instead of set in a very Southern town, it is set in California. The views are breathtaking with the water, mountains and the lead man. 

There are 2 seasons and it is available on Netflix. It has been renewed for a 3rd season.

Sweet Magnolia

The Margarita girls’ night left me wanting that in my life. This is a sweet mindless show about a group of 3 girls that have been best friends since childhood. It makes you miss your own girls and leaves you wanting a girls’ night. If your friends live in another country this is your way to connect to them.

There is one season and has been renewed for a second season. It is available on Netflix.


This was a light-hearted show about a Yale Graduate that becomes a Tutor. This show only has one season but it is quite entertaining and has a very good-looking leading man. It is cute, romantic and fun to watch. It is upsetting it only lasted a season but it is still worth watching that one season. 

When calls the heart

This is a Canadian drama shot in the 1900s in a coal town. With one Mountie, a teacher and lots of other small-town folks this is a heartwarming family drama. It is different than the other shows mentioned as it is set in a different time period. 

When calls the heart has the small-town vibes where everyone gets together to help each other. It has romance in it as well. If you liked Anne with an E you are sure to like this. There are 4 seasons available on Netflix. There are 7 shows out in total. 

 It is not a fast-paced show but still worth it.

Did you enjoy the list? Do know other shows that are similar to Gilmore Girls? Comment below and let us know!

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