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Dermatologist approved Skincare routine you should follow


The skincare routine I am recommending is for normal-dry skin and it was recommended to me by a Dermatologist

It can be confusing what to start with and what goes first on your face. That is what made me avoid having a skincare routine for years. But the sooner you start is better. You don’t want your skin to start aging and then realize you needed a skincare routine. This guide is great even if you are a beginner to skincare routines. The products are even for you if you have sensitive skin. Try it on small parts of your body before doing the whole face routine.

This skincare routine is sure to keep your skin glowing and looking young. It is best to do this routine straight when you wake up. Make it part of your morning routine.

Skin care routine that you need to try

Step 1 – Cleanser or Face wash

You want to start with first cleaning your face. You will be surprised at how much dirt your face absorbs even if you don’t leave the house or exercise. So make your face clean. I use the Josie Maran Pineapple enzyme pore-clearing cleanser. A drug store facewash like Cetaphil will do the job. Don’t use something too harsh on your skin. I like to use clean products with not too many chemicals.

If you have make up on you and it doesn’t come off wash your face twice.

Step 2 – Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C boosts your skin and gets it glowing. You can’t put pure Vitamin C drops as that will cause a reaction to your body. So now there are drops that you can use that are mixed and don’t cause any sort of reaction. I use the Josie Maran Argan Bright Skin Vitamin C Serum. Ordinary Vitamin C products are also amazing. Another brand known for Vitamin C Serum is Drunk Elephant it is however very expensive.

Very few drops of the serum will do the job so a small bottle will last you long.

Step 3 – Moisturising face cream

Invest in your face cream. Don’t just use body cream on your face or find a cheap cream. Drug store brands can work as well but by something that suits you. I use the Josie Maran Whipped Argan Face Butter. Just a drop does the job. Moisturizer is the key to everything. Especially if you have dry skin like me. Keep your skin hydrated.

Step 4- Argan Oil

To cover and seal the deal put some Argan Oil. You can get 100 percent Argan oil at any store. Make sure it is 100 percent. You can use a drop on your face and a drop on your hair.

Josie Maran also has an Argan Oil but if you are buying the products separately I personally do not think it is worth it.

Step 5 – Sunblock

The most important product is Sunblock. I don’t like the coloured sunblocks that make your face greasy. So I have bought a Shiesido sunblock that is clear and looks like a deodorant. It is great and a must try!

Every 5 hours reapply your skincare. Even if you can’t see the sun outside it is there.

The skin care pack

face cream

You do get the whole skincare routine at Sephora for under 50 dollars in Josie Maran pack. This is amazing especially if you aren’t used to skincare routines like I wasn’t. Now I am addicted. The Bottles are small but they would last you at least 2 months or more. Because you need small drops of each item it is worth it to get the set. If you then like it you can buy the items separately. You can mix and match and buy products from different companies.

I would say you can use a Cetaphil facewash, Ordinary Vitamin C serum, Josie Maran Argan Face Butter, and Store-bought Argan Oil as your routine.

I like the Sephora skin routine kits as they help you figure out what you like and they guide you. They even tell you what to put first and second. It is the perfect product if you are a beginner at skin routines or if you want to gift it to someone who is.

Other parts to the skincare routine

You can do the same routine for nighttime as well. I on the other hand like to do a face wash a night cream. I use the Body Shop Drops of Youth Night Cream. I would recommend the Estee Lauder advanced night repair if you are willing to spend money.

For my lips, I use the Laneige lip mask. I use it twice a day. It is a night mask but I like to use it during the day because my lips are super dry. It has been life-changing since I started using it.

To get started promise yourself you will do a skincare routine for 21 days. Make it a habit and then keep going. Aim small and start small and get the skincare routine to be part of your life.


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