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How to use the SMART Goals method


An easy way to plan your goals is by using the SMART goals method.

SMART goals method

S -Specific

If your goals are specific then you have a better idea of what you want to do. My goal is to kick-box 5 times a week for 45 minutes to become  fitter. By being specific I have created a plan and I know what to do so. This makes it easy to start working on the goal. I don’t have to spend time thinking about what do I have to do.

If I had just said I want to become healthier that’s not specific at all. Do I want to exercise or improve my eating habits? I even have the choice of doing both. It is so vague that I wouldn’t even know where to start. I would be hindering my ability to achieve my goal.

M- Measurable

In order to track our progress we need the goal to be measurable. When we achieve a small goal it motivates us to continue. My goal for fitness can be measuring inches of my arm and waist. This gives me something to work towards. It also allows us to keep going for a long period. Part of good planning is to have an indicator of success.

A- Achievable

Now if I set up a goal that I wanted to lose 10 inches in a week that is not realistic. It is unrealistic and can be demotivating if we don’t achieve the goals we set. So set something that is achievable. For example, it is realistic to lose 1 pound a week. So, if I said I wanted to lose 10 pounds in 3 months that is achievable. Only, you know with your resources/means what is achievable for you. Don’t set your goals too low but refrain from setting them too high.

R- Relevant

We need to know the why for the goal-setting? It has to be relevant to us or once again we won’t be motivated to go ahead with the goal. For me, it is important to be healthy and fit because it makes me feel more confident. It is directly relevant to me.

Think about why you want to achieve your goal.

T – Time

You can set a goal and have no restriction but if something doesn’t have a time limit we might end up procrastinating. If we set a time frame then we know we have to start. So, set out a time frame for your goal. Mine is 3 months for 10 pounds.

Wrap Up for SMART goals

Specific – 45 minutes of kickboxing 5 days a week to become fitter
Measurable – By doing this goal I want to lose 10 pounds. It is also measurable by the 45 minutes I attached to the exercise
Achievable – It is not unrealistic for me to want to lose 10 pounds.
Relevant – I think being fit makes me feel more confident and is related to my self-care
Time – I have set up a time frame for 3 months.

Now that you know how to set up a SMART tool think of your own goals and if they fit in with the SMART goal technique.



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