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Cute Spring Date Ideas That You Will Love


Spring is here and well it is another season to plan dates. They no longer have to be indoor dates or dates we freeze at. Because it is hard to enjoy a date when you are freezing your butt off. Winter dating is so hard so let’s embrace spring dating with this warm weather coming our way. Let us help you with some spring date ideas.

Spring Date Ideas:

Cherry Blossom

Spring means cherry blossom season is near coming between mid-April and mid-May. Go with your date to check out the cherry blossoms have a picnic at the park and have some picture perfect moments. Watching cherry blossoms bloom every year is my highlight for spring.

On this note watching any plant bloom is a great activity together so hit those botanical gardens. Smell those fresh flowers together.

Bike Ride

The weather is warm and that means we get to go out in the sun. Rent a bike with your date and explore the city. Take a bike ride by the lake so you can have a romantic view. Stop along the way and enjoy what your city has to offer you. Plan it in a way that you can watch the sunset together.

Drive-in Theatres

Drive-in cinemas are open again and you can go watch a movie without having the heater on full blast. There is Tom & Jerry playing so kick back and relax while you watch a blast from your past. Get some popcorn, candy, and nachos. Sounds so good! If it is still cold where you live you can get a blanket to keep you cozy.


We can finally go for walks without freezing which means you no longer have to be paranoid about dating. You can social distance date again. Pick up some bubble tea and walk in a park. If it is sunny outside it might be even an opportunity to have a picnic or a drink.


Spring means you can hit the patios again which means more places are open. Grab a drink and enjoy a meal with someone special. I definitely miss going to the restaurant and getting dressed up.


Spring means that it is time to plant the seeds. Why not plant something with your date. It is always fun to get your hands dirty and connect with nature.

Farmer’s market

Check out what is available at your farmer’s market. Maybe you can munch on a delicious pie together. I love seeing what is available at my local farmer’s market.

Driving Range

Go hit some balls on the gold driving range with your date. This can be a different idea for a date and it can be fun learning how to golf.

Star Gazing

Look up an area that is darker and star into the sky either from the back of the car or the grass. There is something romantic about just staring into the sky.

Drive and Dinner in The Car

If you are in an area where everything is closed that is okay. You can plan a picnic in the car or outside the car. Everything works in the pandemic. Be sure to take plates, cutlery, and napkins from home and nothing will stop you. Every place can be a party.

Just putting on a great playlist and singing along with your date can be a fun activity.

Wrap Up for Spring Date Ideas

I have been waiting all winter to get outside and enjoy the sun so for sure all my spring dates are going to be outside.

Comment below and let us know your ideal spring date.

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