Spring Dating outfits you want to get your hands on 


Choosing clothes for a date can be stressful. The first date is your chance to make an impression and well we all want to make a good one. The clothes we choose might be the most important factor in making this decision because well let’s face it a lot of dating has become about the physical appeal. So, let us help you with finding the perfect spring dating outfits. 

How to choose the spring dating outfit?

It depends on the weather and where you are going. If you are going for a hike you don’t want to wear something that you would wear to a formal dinner. So, before deciding the outfit choose where you are going. We have the best first date ideas for you to pick from.

Bar or dinner clothes for spring dating outfits

If you are going to a bar or dinner then here are some ideas of clothes you can wear. I am jeans and a top kind of gal. Here are some suggestions for tops you can wear on a first date. But you don’t have to go shopping if you don’t want to just wear the outfit you have gotten the most compliments on in the past. This person has never seen you so all your closet is basically new for them.

The Sleeveless top

I tried the matching set but I don’t recommend getting both. I bought the shirt and plan to wear it with jeans. 

spring dating outfits

The full sleeves top

dating outfits

The back of this top is better than the front. I like to wear it the other way round cause usually my back is covered with my hair and I rather have the front looking nice. I have tried and tested this for first dates and it was a success. 

The matching sets

spring dating

I love this top I actually own it in the shorts version and the pants. For spring you might want to go with the pants version but for summer the shorts are a win-win. Something about wearing matching sets makes it feel like my life is so put together. 

Visit to the park

This is a laid-back outfit you could go for a hike in it or chill at the park. This outfit screams comfort with elegance and that is what I am all about. You can add a staple necklace or keep it comfortable and wear running shoes. 

Footwear is important

Keep it simple with sandles

Don’t go for heels if you have to walk a lot you will end up being uncomfortable. Choose your shoes wisely based on the type of date you are going. If it is cold go for ankle length black booties as they are the safest.

Want to wear something different try these lilac slippers making waves.


Editor’s Note for spring dating outfits

What I try to do is when I go on dates if I think I found an outfit that someone else really liked then I make it my staple dating outfit and just continue wearing that. I know it has given me success in the past and I don’t have to deal with finding a first date outfit. Always remember you want to wear something you feel comfortable and confident in. 

If you are willing to enter the dating world I would recommend having three outfits that you know work. 

Go with something that isn’t too revealing but is just the perfect amount of skin showing plus coverage. You want the person left wanting more. 

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