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St Patrick’s Day virtual celebration ideas

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Can you believe it, it has been almost a year since the pandemic started. 1 whole year dealing with Covid. Time flies when you are living the same day on repeat. In better news, this also means St Patrick’s Day is a month away. We probably will have to celebrate it in lockdown but that doesn’t mean we still can’t party it up. 

St Patrick’s Day virtual day celebration ideas:

Shamrock Shake from Mcdonald’s

Like every year Mcdonald’s has their green mink milkshake. Pick it up from the drive-thru or curbside and buy some for your friends and family. Cheers with the Shamrock shake. They’re already going to be available next week!

Green drinks

Add some green food colouring to a light beer and there you have it some green beer. You can do this for any other drink as well. Celebrate with your family or virtually with your friends. Play virtual beer pong or drinking games. There is a green icecream soda drink called Pakola if you are feeling adventurous. It can be found at any Pakistani store. I am warning you it is sweet.

Power hour

Take it back to college and virtually have a beer power hour. Buy shots and put green beer in it and keep powering through the hour. This is a sure way to get wasted fast. 

Additionally, the shots can be of Guinness Beer since it is an Irish beer.

Virtually attend a St Patricks day Event 

There are lots of places showcasing virtual parade events so you can enjoy them from home. You can even make your own parade with your kids. 

Decorate cookies

Celebrating with your children? Decorate clove shaped cookies with green icing. Let your kids celebrate this fun holiday. 

You can also make some green banana bread by adding food colouring.

Dress up

Just because we are at home doesn’t mean we can’t dress up. Buy the fun necklaces, sunglasses, and hats. Wear green.

You can also pair this up with any of the other activities. 

Irish dancing 

Look up Irish dancing on YouTube and practice. You don’t only need to get drunk on this holiday you can embrace the culture as well.

Wrap up St Patrick’s Day

To conclude, any of these ideas will help you make St Patrick’s day fun. To get us through the pandemic we need to celebrate as much as possible. This is your reason.

So, go all out and let us get through this together! We are almost at the finish line. 


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