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Starting a coaching business – Take the small step

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When you look at other coaches and how successful they are it can seem easy to become a life coach. But being a life coach takes a lot of patience and hard work. We are here to show you the ropes on starting a coaching business. Remember it is all about the small steps.

To be a life coach you don’t have to be certified but it helps if you have some sort of training. Life coach training is something you have to be consistent with. Whether, it means getting your own life coach, reading online, or attending sessions. Life coaching is a constant investment in yourself. As if you don’t invest in yourself how can you convince other people too? This doesn’t mean going and spending $15,000 on a coaching certificate. There are cheaper ones out there. You can spend the money later but first, spend a little and then save up for the big stuff.

You want somewhere you can sell your life coaching. This can be either on a website or Instagram. When it comes to blogging you have to be consistent. At first, it can be hard as you don’t see the results immediately. But it takes online a few clients to start earning money.

Give sessions to your family and friends to help you practice. In order to improve your sessions and life coaching ability, you need to try on someone. You can give free sessions to your friends and family.

Know that you are unique. What you bring to the table is going to be completely different from what another coach does. So tell your experiences and use those to help your clients. Come up with sessions that you are passionate about as that will show in your coaching.

Make a list of skills you think you have related to coaching and write them down. Keep these skills on a post-it to inspire you whenever you tell yourself you can’t do it. Because yes you can!

Keep working on your skills. If public speaking is something you need to work on then put in the effort to work on that. You can try volunteering at work for delivering training. There is Toastmasters also that allows you public speak. For me, I do interviews as well to get into stressful situations and present as that will help me improve.

I also watch my coaching sessions that are recorded to see whether I can improve. I used to be a very fast speaker but I have worked on that and decreased the speed.

When I started coaching I was terrified. But know it’s a long race. Start small and work on it. It can be as small as putting up your first Instagram post. What will get you through is consistency.

You don’t need to quit your job to start coaching. First, take your time to develop your skills. Set up the foundation for you to leave your job. Be part of the great resignation and become a life coach. It is empowering working for yourself.

Let’s brainstorm together for starting a coaching business

  • What are you passionate about?
  • Can you turn that into a coaching business?
  • Think of topics that you could coach about
  • What are skills that you have to offer?
  • Are there skills that you can develop?

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