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Summer shoe styles you need to buy

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I love summer and buying cute outfits. Shoes can make or break an outfit. That is why shoe game is so important. Summer is the opportunity where you get to let your feet breathe and show off that cute pedicure. We have the best summer shoe styles for you to buy

Summer shoe styles:

Braided shoes

This is the new trend for summer 2021 braided shoes. Whether they are sandals or slippers it is what is buzzing everywhere.



summer slippers

Buy something with a little bit of colour. Orange will add the perfect colour to your outfit. It looks great with jeans. The style is also simplistic but yet so elegant. I bought these from Call it Spring but you do get shoes like this at Steve Madden and Aldo


summer slides


The Adidas slides everyone has. So if you want to keep up with the style but be a bit different buy another company slides. I love these Nike Slides. They are black so will go with everything and they have a lot of cushioning. They are super comfortable and I love the Nike Sign.

Adidas has a line of Slide Boost and Adilette Comfort that are also amazing. I grabbed a pair in silver and you have to be sure I am going to be rocking them this summer.


summer sandals

You can’t go without a pair of everyday sandals. Usually, my go-to is tan leather sandals. They are my forever shoes for the summer. This time I tried to be a bit different and invested in a little blue suede pair of sandals. They are so cute I can’t get enough of them. If light blue is not your colour there are lots of options. They are from Call it Spring as well but similar shoes are available at Aldo and Steve Madden.


summer shoe styles

Mine aren’t Birkenstocks so they aren’t as comfortable but I liked the style of the black and hold better in these. But if you are looking for shoes to wear every day it is better to invest in Birkenstocks as they become the shape of your feet and are ortho recommended. People swear by them. They might look ugly at first but they are the cute ugly type of shoe. They are stylish but bulky. You get different variety ones that look like slippers as well as slides. Buy a basic colour that goes with everything,

Wrap Up

Comfort shoes are still in this summer so you don’t have to go back to the uncomfortable heels unless you want to. The pandemic might be over but the comfort style is here to stay. At least for a while! We have tasted the luxury of comfort and aren’t willing to give it up.

Which one do you like best from the summer shoe styles? Comment below and let us know what you will add to your summer wardrobe.


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