Thank you text after first date examples

Thank you text after first date examples – Get that second date


Had a good first date? Want to make a good final impression? Why not send a thank you text after your first date. We have thank you text after date examples that might just start something special. There’s no issues being the first texter especially since it can just be a thank you or a goodnight text.

Guys can’t tell if you are interested sometimes so sending a thank you text shows you have manners but it also indicates you had fun. So, let’s get to the thank you text after first date examples. It makes it easy for the guy to make the next move in the morning.

thank you text after first date examples

After first date templates 

Thank you for the date text

  • Thank you for dinner! I had a great time.
  • Thank you for taking me out. I enjoyed the company  
  • I had fun today! Thanks for the great evening 
  • Thanks for taking me out. Let’s do this again sometime. 
  • I had a really fun time with you. We should definitely do this again 

You can make the text more personal by adding something personal to it. Like what did you enjoy most about the date? Did you have some inside joke that you both laughed at? It could be from anything. It just makes everything more special if you had that personal touch and a wink.

You can be a bit more flirty if that is your style

Flirty text

  • You will be coming in my dreams tonight 😉
  • I woke up thinking about you
  • You looked good tonight 😉
  • That kiss was amazing
  • Can’t wait to see you again

Make the other person feel special by going the extra mile in the message. 

Go the extra mile

  • I haven’t had that much fun in a while. 
  • Let’s do this again!

Wrap up for thank you text after first date examples

text after first date examples

 Just sending a good night text is sweet as well. Or show you are considerate and ask them if they got home safe. There are so many ways of showing your interest and a sweet text is one of them. It’s like in an interview you send an email after the interview so you stay in their mind. A goodnight text does that as well. 

Sometimes we overthink texting. Like should we text should we not? What will the other person think? Ask yourself what do you feel like doing and what is your gut telling you? Then go ahead and do that. 

Now don’t expect just because you thought the first date went great that he did too. People can have a good time and not want to have a second date. Whatever happens, remember it is for the better. You tried! You put in the work and if it doesn’t work it wasn’t meant to be.

That being said I hope he texts you back 😉 

If it doesn’t work though and the first date didn’t go great we have a template for ending it as well. Don’t be a ghoster and ignore messages.

Want to suggest something for a second date? Check out our date ideas list.


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