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The Ending of Squid Game analyzed

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There are spoilers in this blog so please don’t read if you haven’t reached the end yet. 

Have you made it to the end of Squid Game? Stayed up all night and binge-watched it and don’t know what you were doing in your life before you were introduced to this TV Show. We are all in the same boat of being obsessed with this show. And it isn’t helping that every TikTok and reel is now suddenly about Dalgona Candy or has the background music to red light green light. Tempted to try the Dalgona game even though eating sugar like that doesn’t seem appetizing.

Let’s discuss the end

The ending of Squid game was quite interesting! Who knew number 1 had it in him to plan the whole game. I did notice the few seconds that they did show the main guy but would have never thought it would be the old sweet guy. But if you go back and see he did have the same old hands and on top of that he was shown right after number 1 was eliminated.

Also now that I think of it number 1 decided that the game should not go on in the first vote. So even the fact that the game didn’t happen the first time and everyone came back was planned. He wanted people to come back on their own will and be a majority. When number 1 initially didn’t vote for the game to go on I did find it weird as he was going to die anyway it made sense for him to be okay with staying in the game as the stakes were low for him it was death with money or death. But naive me thought it was out of the goodness of his heart.

It feels like a betrayal that the old sweet man would be the one planning the whole thing. I did genuinely feel for him that he was in the game. But the best endings are the ones that make you go like WTH!  If you go back you will notice some hints to the fact that number was the game planner. For example, when the police man was going through the records the 2020 book started with player 2 showing that player 1 never registered.

Are people all bad?

When 456 goes to see number 1 they talk have a bet that if no one helps the homeless man before 12 then it shows humanity is bad and then number 1 will tell 456 all about the game. If number 1 loses the bet then 456 can kill him. Before 12 someone does help the homeless man but number 1 by then has passed away. That makes you think is that the end of the game?

In the end, they talk about how no one would help a homeless man and most people are bad and humanity, in general, is bad. Makes us think if this was a real game would people play? People would do a lot for money but watching people brutally get murdered like that sounds insane. Even in the show, there were people like Ji-Yeong who died so another player could win. So the show does have good people.

Do rich people really have nothing to do?

When number 1 said that rich people don’t have anything to do and that feeling can be bad as being poor made me think. Was that just rubbish or were they wise words? We are all striving for a purpose and when you can achieve everything it is hard to find a purpose. Now I appreciate the hard work I have to do. Maybe just having fun all the time decreases the purpose of life? There are rich people who do meaningful things though so that argument is probably flawed.

How did they choose the workers at the game?

If you go back and see at the train station the players got to choose between red and blue. So it could be that if they had chosen red that they would actually be considered to work at the game instead of playing.


This is a modern-day gladiator basically. We have been in the position where people have watched other people die and bet on it. So humanity does have the potential to be this messed up? Hopefully, it never comes to it again because that show was beyond morbid.

Are we scarring young children?

The angle of having kids game was very twisted. Hopefully, no one is making their kids watch this because it is hard to see tug of war the same way after watching people die like that. Games that make you freeze will never be the same.

What will happen in season 2

In the end, 456 is getting on a plane to visit his daughter but then he gets on a call with the organizers of the game. He realizes the game is still going on and doesn’t get on the plane. This leaves a cliffhanger of what will happen next. We don’t know but what we do know is we are excited for Season 2 and the games it is going to bring. That is it for analysis of ending of squid game.

For the new beginning some people say Number 456 might be a VIP, the head or somehow back in the game. I am sure he will be back in the game but how WE WILL FIND OUT!



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