the great resignation 2021

Why is the great resignation 2021 happening?

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Since the spring of 2021 people have been quitting their jobs at an accelerated rate. We knew the pandemic would leave society looking different and this is one of the major impacts we can see. It is the great resignation of 2021 where people are quitting their jobs and leaving a labour market shortage.

So why is the great resignation 2021 happening?

The money some governments gave allowed people to live their life without going to work. Would you go to work for a low-paying minimum wage job or would you sit at home and earn the money.

People invested that money into something else. We saw the stock market go up and people buying stocks that made no sense to go up. People became millionaires overnight that bought GME. Now, of course, this is a small population but all this adds up.

The pandemic gave people an opportunity to start small businesses. You probably know a lot of people that suddenly became entrepreneurs. Whether it was a small side food business or some arts and craft people dipped their toes into the entrepreneur world. Now everyone might have not been successful but it gave lots of people the opportunity to start something new and they are sticking to it. Once you have taken that step forward to start working on your dreams it is hard to turn back. The pandemic also gave an opportunity for people to save more with fewer things to do. They could be investing this money into their own business and starting something new.

Working from home can get very boring and people’s enthusiasm is hitting an all-time low. Without getting out of the house and the social aspect of work you soon realize that everything is the same. It includes staring at the screen and it all starts to seem the same. Even if you change a job it’s just a laptop switch and you are back at staring at the screen. This would make anyone question is the purpose of my life to stare at this screen and do this same job day in and out.

The pandemic has been hard for people and they are burnout. People need a break. Some moms were juggling children and work for more than 18 months. It can get exhausting and could be one of the causes of people finally having enough and quitting.

People are being called back to the office and they just don’t want to do that anymore. If you had the opportunity to have a zero-minute commute why would you want to go back to spending 1 hour to work and then 1 hour back? It was absolutely exhausting and the pandemic made us realize that. We are becoming better at prioritizing what we value!

The pandemic made people realize that life is unpredictable and can be shorter than we think. So, do you want to do something that is going to make you unhappy, or do you want to work towards having a more fulfilling life?

We are inspiring each other. The more you hear other people are quitting their jobs and starting something new it sparks something in you. It gives you the courage to plunge and take that first step for yourself. You see people on Tiktok and Instagram that are living their dream and then you look at your own life and think do I have it all wrong.

Has the pandemic got you questioning what your purpose is? Or how to find your North Star? Lots of people are in the same boat as you and can help you with figuring it out.

Comment below and let us know if you are planning of being part of the great resignation 2021.


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