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Gyms closed in Ontario and well that meant I had to find a way to entertain myself and stay healthy! Surprisingly I managed it by subscribing to Bolly X. When it comes to dancing to Bollywood songs just put a smile on my face and make me feel like I am at a Dholki in my living room.

I tried BollyX this week and well I was impressed. Bolly X provides an on-demand workout. You can set up a playlist of your favourite songs. Some songs are less jumpy and are for the cool-down and warm-ups. You can even pick the time you want your workout to last. As a beginner, I started for 50 minutes and burnt 350 calories.

The songs I danced to included:

Subha Hone Na De
Laila me Laila
Cutie Pie
Iski Uski
Sooraj Dooba Hain (cool down stretching)

My review

To make the workout more fun you can use zoom and to do the workout with a friend. This way you can have someone doing it with you that can encourage you to continue and keep going on. I like setting a time for my workout as that adds to the accountability. On Saturday and Sunday keep a morning (realistic time) so you can start your day off right.

On the weekends you can choose a time after your work ends so you can stick to it. For me, I take lunch breaks at different times every day so it is unrealistic to do it at a certain time every day.

BollyX was like an aerobics workout that was made into dance moves. I like being fooled into doing my workout and well this is exactly that. At first, some of the dances are hard to keep up with but you do the best you can. I liked the hand movement and the random squats that were added to the dances. The dancers are always smiling which makes you want to smile as well!

It isn’t as much of the thumkas as I would expect in a Bollywood class but you can add the movement you want to make it jumpier if you like.

This is the perfect at-home workout and entertainment for lockdown. For sure I am going to use it to entertain myself in the 21 days of lockdown and who knows it might become part of my everyday life. I can also use this to improve my dance moves and won’t have to feel ashamed on the dance floor at weddings when I have no idea what I am doing.

I do feel though that I still need to do some weights or kickboxing to stay on track with my workout and make as much progress. So, after the Bolly X, I do 15 minutes of some Madfit upper body burn.

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