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Loved The Office? Binge watch these similar shows

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The Office is one of the funniest shows out there. You can watch it and rewatch it and still find it funny. If you have watched all the seasons and want something to watch that is similar here is the list.

Firstly, if you watched the US version of The Office I would suggest watching the UK version as well.

Similar shows to The Office

Parks and Recreation – The Office for the government

This is literally the government version of The Office. Set in a Parks and Recreation Office this show has the management that isn’t interested in working hard and Leslie Knope who cares way too much about the Parks and Recreation department.


Set in a store like Walmart and new to Netflix Superstore has 5 seasons! So you can just binge away. It is about some quirky store employees. They act like a family and you get to see their day to day life working at a store. The management is questionable and the employee behavior is well. So it will remind you of the office.

Kim’s Convenience

This is a Canadian show it is more like Superstore than the Office but it does center around a Korean/Canadian family running a convenience store in Canada. Believe it or not, it is an actual store in Toronto. This show is hilarious. It is a must watch. You will be laughing away. This show is underrated in my opinion.


A bunch of adult students in community college become best friends. They are a weird bunch but they will leave you laughing. Ken Jeong is hilarious as the unstable teacher.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

After being kidnapped and put in a bunker for most of her teenage life Kimmy enters the real world. As she starts her life in New York you get to experience the weirdness first hand. She is innocent and goofy, you will love her!

Brooklyn nine-nine

If the office was about a bunch of officers solving crime it would be like this. We got interesting characters, a love story and a fun working environment.

Schitt’s Creek

A rich family loses all their money and move to a town they bought as a joke. They learn to live with little money in this town full of interesting folks. With eccentric accents and strange town folks, you will learn to love all the characters. They each bring a unique character.


This is a show about a bunch of UK immigration workers at the airport. You get to see into the life of the employees and the jokes cracked. It will remind you of the office the way the co-workers interact with each other. Just the government employee version of it. Highlights all government employee stereotypes.

Wrap Up

We all know nothing can replace The Office but these shows will fill the void a little bit. Most of the shows are available on Netflix and are perfect for binging. These shows will make you laugh out loud and I mean that literally.

Comment below and let us know which one is your favourite from the list.

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