The perfect date doesn’t need to cost your pocket


Dating can be costly especially if you are paying for two people but it doesn’t always have to be. The main purpose of dating is getting to know someone and have fun and those things don’t need to always hurt your wallet. We have some ideas that will leave you smiling because you will have so much fun. They come with the added benefit of actually getting to know someone in a comfortable environment. Let’s talk about the perfect date idea.

Grocery store perfect date

We think the perfect store starts at the grocery store! Here us out, we know that sounds weird but shopping for groceries can help you bond and get to know the person. So, we suggest the idea of making something simple like pizza or pasta and then go shopping for it. You can help pick the bread, tomato paste, and cheese. Add some wine on top of that to make it super fun. What better way is there to get to know someone by seeing how they shop. Do they go for the coupons or are they going to the highest-end cheese? The conversation comes easy when you are picking things up at the grocery store.

The cook off

Then even more fun part choosing the topics and putting the cheese. There is just something so romantic about cooking together even if it is just a pizza. You can help each other put the cheese. Argue over what toppings are better.

While you are preparing the pizza put music on and start sipping some drinks. Your cooking adventure can turn into a spontaneous or well because we told you to do this planned DANCE PARTY! We recommend playing some songs that you would like to hear at a club like ‘Drop it like its hot, Ride with me, Jersulema’ or any songs you find fun to dance with a partner on. You can even put on a Tiktok song if that is your vibe. Copy some dances and have fun with your date. It is honestly so fun letting loose and dancing with your date! It can make the date go from a 5/10 to 10/10.

The Dessert

End the night by sharing some dessert. It can be as simple as sharing a tub of ice cream and watching a Netflix movie. Dates don’t have to be complicated it is about enjoying your time with the person you like and their company is what matters.

This perfect can elevate your dating game and change the way you both feel about each other so be sure to try it out!

So if you are looking for a fun Valentine’s Day Date that won’t cost you too much well this is your sign to cook food with your date.

Comment below and let us know what your idea of the perfect date is!

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