Tips to Choose Best Dog Daycare For Your Fluffy Little One

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Choosing the best doggie daycare can be challenging. Especially when you have a long list of options and don’t know where to start. However, we understand that you only want the best for your dog. So, in this article, we put together some tips that can guide you in choosing the right nursery for your fluffy little one.

Quick Glimpse At Doggy Daycare Tips

Appropriate control measures

Avoid daycare centers where staff control dogs by routinely punishing or physically handling them. These control measures include interrupting the dogs by calling them away from a potential conflict, granting short time-outs (2-3 minutes), or redirecting them to more appropriate behaviors.


There should be minimal offensive odor and immediate cleanup from accidents, and the other dogs should look healthy.

A staff experienced in group behavior of animals.

Look for staff members who attend seminars, belong to daycare groups like the Daycare division of the American Boarding Kennel Association. Find staff  who have experience working with dogs in groups.

Tips And Tricks To Choose The Best Dog Daycare

 Check if the dogs are separated properly.

While some facilities may have all dogs playing in one room, a doggie daycare that cares about the pets in its care typically divides the dogs into different playrooms. This is done  based on several factors, including size, temperament and style of play. Although your little pup can regularly play with larger breeds at your neighborhood park, it’s essential to keep your furry four-legged companion as safe as possible. Of course while making sure they have fun with other dogs.

Make sure the daycare is adequately staffed.

Rest assured that your dog is getting the proper care and attention by asking the dog kennel staff-to-dog ratio. Know that the dog-to-human ratio for dog kennels are implemented in some states. Be sure to check with the owner for possible state guidelines. For example, some organizations involved in pet sitting recommend a ratio of 15 dogs to staff as a safe standard.

Appropriate adjustments are often made according to groups of dogs as well. For more active breeds, a ratio of one staff member to 10 dogs is desired. While 20 dogs per staff member is considered adequate for less active breeds.

Tour the Facilities

To ensure your dog enjoys playing in a clean, safe, and properly sanitized environment, ask the doggie daycare owner for a tour of the facility. Keep an eye out for safety features such as adequate ventilation through open doors, a fresh air exchange system, sturdy and durable fences, double doors, and rubber and epoxy flooring. It is also important to confirm whether or not the nursery has security measures in place.

Look for a daycare that offers dog accommodation and training.

Whether you are going on a business trip, a family vacation, or going to work, dog accommodation is useful for pet owners who have to leave their dogs. Inquire at the center if they have housing options available so that your dog will more easily adapt to the environment once it becomes familiar.

Also, it is best to find a place that also offers dog training. You’ll be comforted to know that you have a one-stop solution for all your furry friends’ needs. Using the training services will help your puppy adjust to daycare and boarding school while making things easier for him at home.

Read Policies

Check the daycare policies, particularly those that focus on toys and treats. If you know that your dog may be aggressive towards other dogs or does not get along with toys, raise this concern with daycare managers. This way they can keep an eye on your furry friend. Also, ask the dog daycare manager about using treats to reward good behavior. Let them know if your dog becomes aggressive with food or is on a special diet.

Dog Daycare: Summary

Choosing the best dog daycare that meets your pet’s needs and meets your requirements has many benefits. While finding the right one isn’t easy, you can always get feedback and ask for recommendations from other dog owners. This way you will find your ideal doggie daycare.




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